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Hello! My apologies for the posting hiatus this week, I had a busy weekend with Winter Formal, but I'm back! I just want to share a few recent snaps and discoveries that I'm loving!

Formal // This is a shot of my best friend, Ashley, and I at formal this weekend (she's the same one I took on vacation last week!) and I'm obsessed with this picture! Despite the iPhone quality (shoutout to my camera for dying about 5 minutes after we started taking pictures), the photos from Saturday night all turned out pretty well!

The Theory of Everything // I saw about half of this movie back in December with my friends before we realized we locked our car in the Whole Foods underground parking lot (oops) and had to flee to try to get it out (lol, long story short, the car was locked up overnight and I took an uber home, missing the end of the movie for nothing). Even though I didn't see the end - still dying to, btw - I thought this movie was amazing for what I did see. I'm anxious to see the rest of it, as it was fabulous and won an Oscar this weekend for Best Actor circa Eddie Redmayne.

Spring Break Shopping // In preparation for France, I've fallen in love with J. Crew's new arrivals, currently 20% off with code SHOPPINGTIME, in addition to a few other fun pieces I've wishlisted for break (less than a month away!).

Happy Birthday Carin // Finally, last but not least, a big 17th birthday shoutout to my main citrusy squeeze Carin on her 17th birthday today! No one I would rather brunch and blog with day after day XO

What's new with you?


As some of you may know, today is Ash Wednesday! Every year for Lent I give up chocolate, and I've never been able to do it. For the last few days, I've had the worst stomach ache and I think it's either a little virus or maybe even that I've been eating too much chocolate recently, which is totally possible. This Lent, as with any other year, I am so determined to stick to my no-chocolate plan! However, I know that situations do come up where I just can't do it!! My back-up resolution is no swearing for Lent! I know that if I accomplish even one of these resolutions I'll be proud!

If you're giving anything up, please do share!! I find it so interesting to hear what everyone else does!

Last Minute Valentine's Day Ideas

Happy Friday!! This year I'll be spending Valentine's Day babysitting (so romantic, I know) and then probably hanging out with friends afterward. For any of you, if you have fun plans, please do share and let me live vicariously through you!

Today I've rounded up a few last minute ideas to celebrate in case you forgot to plan ahead and make plans or reservations! I know my brother is a complete slacker and didn't make a reservation for dinner tomorrow night because he is convinced he will be able to get a table without one (??? umm i don't what the thought process is behind that one)

For a girls night...

Invite a few friends over and paint nails, watch a sad movie, and down the chocolate! For a cute little gift on the side, use up any leftover Christmas tags and ribbon and tie them up onto some fun and festive polish!

Bake up something yummy and festive and decorate your treats to your heart's desire. A little baking party with friends is a fun (and yummy!) way to enjoy the night.

For a night out with your significant other ;) ...

1. Go see 50 shades of Grey. Personally, this movie seems terrifying and extremely messed up, but I would be lying if I said a part of me, out of curiosity, wasn't dying to see it! What is your opinion on the movie? It's very controversial!
Aaand, because I couldn't resist... I found a few super cute pieces for the holiday. Shop below!

Happy Valentine's Day!


My trip this past weekend started off with college tours all day on Friday. Beginning with Lehigh and then driving about an hour to Villanova, I had an amazing, eye-opening experience. Safe to say- Lehigh is my first choice, but Nova is a very close second! I'm sharing a few snaps of Lehigh's campus today... the library was definitely my favorite part! It's an absolutely gorgeous campus with old buildings in a small town outside of a big city, exactly what I want!

Warning: picture overload.

Umm.. this is a dorm building. Yeah, sign me up.

Isn't it gorgeous?

Off to NYC

No school today and tomorrow meant a fabulous four day weekend, and I couldn't be happier to take advantage of this opportunity and hop on a plane this morning! I'll be heading to PA today and tomorrow to look at a few colleges, and then NYC on Saturday and Sunday just for fun! I'm even more excited to reconnect with a few blogger friends and travel (again!) with my BFF. My only worry is how on earth I'll be able to survive the blizzard... good thing I'm coming from Wisconsin!

What are your plans for the weekend?

My 5 Favorite Books

I'm really trying to read more. I want to start designating a little chunk of time before bed to reading a leisure book to wind down, and I thought the most motivating way to do this would be to share my 5 favorite books and ask for your 5 in return! A list full of suggestions is sure to motivate me to run over to the library.


The Catcher in the Rye // My all time favorite book. This classic American novel is timeless for a reason; there's a relatable aspect in there for everyone, or at least a reminiscent idea for some. I could read this a million times

The Summer I Turned Pretty // This trilogy has got to be the best thing since neapolitan ice cream, and just as sweet. The three books are the best light reads you'll find, or at least in my eyes. I read them every summer and they simply don't get old. Wonderfully relatable for teenage girls.

Eloise // If you don't like Eloise I probably don't like you ;)

The Help // Such an amazing story, and an amazing lesson for anyone. An influential must-read for any woman!

Lessons from Madame Chic // A fabulous memoir about a french exchange students who narrates a few of the lessons she learned abroad.

Please share your 5 favorite's below! I'll add them to my list!

Blizzard Weather

Coat // Hat (my friend's mom made it for me! similar here) // Jeans // Socks // Boots // Sunglasses

The weather here is insane. OK, maybe I'm technically not one of the states being hit by Blizzard Juno, but it sure feels like it! I couldn't tell you how many inches we've gotten, but it seems to be about 6 (I could be way off) and it just keeps coming! It's terrifying to be outside too, I'm shocked I have school. But, on the upside, only a three day week and then I'm spending my four day weekend in NYC and Pennsylvania... way too excited!
How's the weather where you are? Hoping everyone is safe and warm!!