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Blizzard Weather

Coat // Hat (my friend's mom made it for me! similar here) // Jeans // Socks // Boots // Sunglasses

The weather here is insane. OK, maybe I'm technically not one of the states being hit by Blizzard Juno, but it sure feels like it! I couldn't tell you how many inches we've gotten, but it seems to be about 6 (I could be way off) and it just keeps coming! It's terrifying to be outside too, I'm shocked I have school. But, on the upside, only a three day week and then I'm spending my four day weekend in NYC and Pennsylvania... way too excited!
How's the weather where you are? Hoping everyone is safe and warm!!


  1. Love that jacket! I wish it was snowing where I live-it was 75 last week! Enjoy your snow days:)


  2. I love your jacket & your hat (it's too cool that your friend's mom made it for you!) Enjoy the snow, down in Alabama we hardly ever get any!

    xoxo, SS

    The Southern Stylista

  3. Love the hat! I live in PA and let me tell you that the weather has been so miserable! Be sure to pack warm because the temps can get down to the single digits!

  4. These are such cute pictures even though the weather looks miserable!

    Alex | Mrs. Mason Dixon

  5. Loved this outfit! Perfect for this Midwest winter!

    xo, Katie
    Rosy and Polished

  6. Who knew dressing for a blizzard could be so fun? You look adorable. I'm from PA, so I hope you have a great trip to this side of the country.

    Ellen | A Pop of Pink

  7. We twin with our toggle coats! The weather has been insane in Chicago too! I can't even imagine how cold it is in Milwaukee. Love this outfit and especially that hat!

    Xo, Kate //


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