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The Power of a Good Candle

I have this new obsession with candles. I've been burning at least one in my room every night while I do homework, or even when I'm just relaxing and watching netflix in my bed. Besides the fact that they smell amazing, there are tons of other benefits to burning candles, too!

They keep you warm | Have I mentioned the sub-zero temps we've been experiencing in Wisco lately? When I'm reading something on my laptop or listening to music at my desk, my candles actually keep me so warm. My fingers tend to get really cold very easily and holding a warm candle in my hands is such a nice treat.

They Make you feel Relaxed | I'm pretty sure it's a proven fact that candles are therapeutic. My favorite scents are peony and jasmine, and both make my room smell heavenly and light. The scents are incredibly relaxing and the little flames can be so mesmerizing to watch.

They're Cute | I mean, why else would I be so keen on having random glass jars scattered on my desk if they weren't just plain cute?! My Henri Bendel mini candles are precious, but my macaron candles have got to be the perfect little decor!

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What's your favorite candle? Have a great weekend!!


  1. I'm almost embarrassed to admit this, but I have an entire drawer in my living room devoted to about 20 candles, most are the 3-wick Bath and Body Works candles. They just make my house smell so homey & they relax me! I love the wood-wick candles too, the crackling sound is so comforting!

    xoxo, SS

  2. It is so true, candles are relaxing! I usually burn one every night as well :)



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