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Slumber Party Collab

My PJ's - just the pants // full set
Caroline's PJ's - aren't the zebra's adorable?

Can someone please tell me what's better than a night filled with chocolate, best friends, and tons and tons of movies all while donning the cutest cozy pajamas?! Today Caroline and I are sharing a few snaps from our sleepover we had a few weeks ago. 

One of my favorite things about sleepovers is watching a good movie. Depending on my mood, I usually opt for a chick flick (really sad, tear inducing, ones, obvi), comedies, or classics. See my picks below...

sleepover collab

Chick Flicks | Titanic // A Walk to Remember // The Last Song
Do you want to cry? Probably, I mean why else would you be at a slumber party... am I right or am I right? Watch any of these and you'll cry. I can almost guarantee it.

Comedies | Let's Be Cops // Bridesmaids // She's the Man
My recommendation: pee before you begin. Watching any of these may cause you to endure uncontrollable fits of laughter ;)

Classics | Clueless // Mean Girls // The Breakfast Club // Parent Trap
Oh, simply the best. These moves are the best things since canned soup. They never get old, and I've seen each one maybe 12 times each. It's a classic for a reason.

What are your favorite sleepover movies? Make sure to check out Caroline's post today too for other fun sleepover activities!

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