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Steal Her Style: Colorblock Coat

I've never really been a coat person. I have a puffy winter coat for casual things, a cute duffle coat for when I want to look pulled together, and a dress coat for special occasions. In Wisconsin, coats are pretty practical considering half the population probably sleeps in one due to the negative temperatures and constant polar vortices. So, the thought of investing in a new coat may or may not be something that has always kind of sat in the back of my mind. Oh, and then I saw this colorblock coat...
Untitled #372

Hmm... Did I mention it's $60? Yeah, you might want to look into that- you're welcome. 

Coat // Sweater // Pumps // Bag

Happy Wednesday!

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  1. Such a great look, love that fisherman sweater!
    xo Tia |


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