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Steal Her Style: Interiors

When I first saw this image on Pinterest, I become obsessed. Not going to lie, it was definitely that shot of JFK that got me. Talk about a gallery wall... that picture alone makes more of a statement than any other combination I've seen! I found the source of this pic and entered a totally chic and cute blog, Barefoot Blonde. Umm, another blondie? I think we're long lost best friends. Amber and her precious baby are too cute, and her house is just fabulous on the side.

Her master bedroom is so gorgeous I just had to share it. I've attempted to recreate the look with a few pieces I found online...

Click the black icons to be taken to a product.

What do you think of the bedroom?!


  1. I want that picture of JFK! It's such an interesting piece. Wow!

    Mandie ~

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  3. When you pinned that photo a few days ago, I clicked on the link and completely fell in love with Amber's blog! I love that you did this post! Your recreation of her master bedroom pieces is spot on!


  4. Oooh love her entire bedroom!!
    Great picks to recreate the look, too :)
    XO, Amanda

  5. LOVE that bedroom. That big statement picture reminds me of the one in the fashionable hostess' living room! Great job finding similar pieces!

    Katie // The Sophisticated Student


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