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New York Recap Part 1

Happy Monday! I'm kicking off my week in Rhode Island by sleeping in and enjoying time with friends. However, I'm excited to share my adventures from New York last week because it was hands down the best vacation I've ever been on so far, if not the best week of my life.

Let me just say that spending a week with bloggers, aka people who understand you when you stop in the middle of a street to get the perfect shot, is the best way to spend a week. Not to mention, having all of those online faces come to life is one of the most rewarding experiences.

We arrived in NYC on Monday around noon. The flight could not have been better; we left right on time and even landed at LaGuardia 15 minutes early. Our hotel was in West Midtown, only two blocks from Columbus Circle, so the location was perfect. We had hot dogs form a street vendor and did a little shopping at the shops on Columbus Circle.

After shopping we walked down to Shake Shack, about 10 blocks away, and tried the milkshakes. The line was long but it was so worth it. It really isn't a place to be missed.

Finally after more food we took a cab to the 789 Madison Store and had a wonderful experience at the Kate Spade store. I remembered from last year how nice the people were so it wasn't too long before we were sitting down on the third floor drinking sparkling water and chatting about life as a blogger with the staff.

The store is one of the prettiest on Madison! Typical Kate Spade ;)

We almost missed Laduree macarons because they were closing at 7 and we arrived around 6:45; we actually sprinted from Kate Spade all the way to Laduree so we wouldn't lose the opportunity. The people were so rude (not even kidding) but the macarons were beyond worth it. 

Finally we finished off the day with Bachelorette, a good book, more macarons, and a good night's sleep. The first day in NYC was just the beginning of such a fun adventure.



  1. Love this! So excited for Day 2 tomorrow!

  2. Adorable! Still so jealous of everyone who was able to go to NYC last week!

    Toodlebelle's Blog

  3. Can't wait to see more photos! I'm sorry the people at Laduree were rude - the people at the Soho location were so sweet to me! Try that location next time!

    Constance || Prep Northwest

  4. Looks like you had so much fun! :) Looking forward to more photos from NYC!

    - Kirstin


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