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Life Lessons From NYC

The Smart Girls Summit has taught me a million and one valuable lessons not only about my blog and my brand, but about myself as well. I see wonderful things in the future for this blog and I am excited to share a lot of the things I learned.

A few people emailed me this week, per usual, and by the end of the week I can confidently say I know exactly how to handle each email most professionally and in a way to capitalize on each opportunity even if I might not be accepting it.

A few tips...

Only accept opportunities that 100% coincide with your blog and work with your brand | As a blogger, opportunities can come weekly, if not daily. It's easy to accept an opportunity that might get you a lot of publicity, but it's important to remember to stay authentic and stick to your niche. The better you work in your own area of expertise, the more opportunities that will come centralized for you, and you'll grow in the end.

Don't burn bridges | There were so many inspiring people at this conference and one valuable lesson that resonated with me is not to burn bridges. It seems obvious, but after working with someone it's easy to move on or to stop responding to their emails, but saying thank you is beyond important and ending anything on a positive note is crucial for success. You never know, one day that person could wind up working with you or even being your boss! Don't be that girl who doesn't reply to emails or who doesn't thank them for partnering with you.

More tips to come! Happy Friday!


  1. Both are great points! I always respond to all emails, even if I am turning down an opportunity, because it is important to keep a good relationship and to just be considerate and let them know my thoughts!
    xo, Scarlett
    The Trendy Chick

  2. These are great tips and very important ones I think! The Summit was truly inspirational, and I think it thought everyone very important lessons.



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