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Weekend Recap

Happy Monday! This weekend flew by too fast... With a track meet on Friday and babysitting all Saturday night, I was lucky enough to get a little time in with my friends on Sunday and Saturday morning.

As I mentioned, Saturday morning I brunched with my two best friends. See that post {here}

Sunday I went to lunch and out shopping with lHc and cHe, aka my favorite people. I celebrated the official {technical} welcome of spring with my favorite jacket and new bag.

What's a shopping trip without stopping at J. Crew?! I went to make my purchase and had my gift card up on my email, but just as I handed over my phone, I accidently hit the archive button. Umm, I don't think you've experienced stressful until you've tried to find a four month old archived email in the middle of a store. I gave up after like 5 minutes of swiping through my "all mail" and then just left the store, leaving my wallet on the counter. Finally, three hours later I had a panic attack realizing it was gone and #Blessed.. THEY HAD IT! So it's all good.

How was your weekend?

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  1. I love your brunch post! Looked so amazing. That bag is really adorable and I love the fresh colors. Where's the bag from?
    Abbee Kenney

  2. Love all your pictures! Thank goodness they still had your wallet when you went back!
    xo, Scarlett
    The Trendy Chick

  3. Leaving your bag/wallet/phone places is the worst! I've had my fair share of small heart attacks when i realize my phone is still sitting in the dressing room. That J.Crew bag is beautiful!



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