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How To Get Ready In 10 Minutes

Every morning I wake up 20 minutes before my carpool picks me up for school, and if I weren't eating breakfast every morning then I could easily be picked up 10 minutes before my ride showed up and have plenty of time to prep for school.

How do I do it? Not gonna lie, it's just a perk of going to all girls school! I don't put on any makeup, and having a uniform definitely restricts all "nothing to wear" moments... although sometimes I do struggle with what color polo to wear (kidding) ;)

ready in 10

I think we have all heard the stereotypical tips like... Mouthwash, plan your outfit ahead, and swipe mascara on and leave. Yeah, it's so true. 

Here's what I do:

1. Eat breakfast - Ok, obviously you're not going to have time for this if you need to be out the door in 10 minutes, but eating breakfast is super important. I really like Trader Joe's cereal bars, and they are healthy and filling, perfect for when you're running behind schedule! Grabbing something to eat on the way into school or work or wherever really is so much better than skipping breakfast all together.

2. Brush your teeth - If you don't brush your teeth twice a day I'm judging you. That's honestly just gross. But, sometimes you just don't have that extra time and gurgling mouthwash is faster - trust me, I have been that girl too. Please do everyone a favor though, and at the very least have a piece of gum or a mint. Morning breath is not made for the public.

3. Wash your face - I know a lot of people don't wash their face (jealous if you're one of those people with a naturally perfect complexion!), but for those who do, you know just how time consuming it can be. Good alternatives: splash hot water on your face which will clear off those excess oils and open pores a little, apply a little toner on a cotton ball, or use one of those face cleansing towelettes (mildly obsessed with those after sports practice...)

4. Makeup - Like I said, I don't wear makeup daily, but when I'm going somewhere where I actually have to look alive and slightly presentable, I always swipe on a little mascara, apply lip balm, and pinch my cheeks. Lip balm is so much less messy than lip gloss or lipstick and it enhances your lips to be a really nice natural shade for your skin tone. As for pinching your cheeks, I've done this for like a year or two now ever since I read somewhere that it's a really good substitute for blush just to add a little color.

5. Get dressed - Ha, the dreaded "I have nothing to wear" moments will definitely be a lot more stressful when you're on a time crunch. What I do when I'm in this position is stack up all my basics... White converse, dark jeans, a sweater or jacket with a simple top and limited jewelry. This is definitely the hardest part of any moment, am I right?

What are your tips when you're on a time crunch?


  1. I'm jealous you can get ready so quickly! Since I shower in the morning it takes me a lot longer to get ready, but I do enjoy the little bit of relaxation time when my hair is wet! When I have only a little time though I always resort to a quick makeup look with just a bit of eyeliner and mascara paired with lip gloss. Adding the little amount of brown eyeliner really makes a difference! Also, dabbing a bit of white/light eyeshadow on the inside of your eye makes you look more awake, and I always need that!


  2. I wish I could get ready so quickly, I have to set at least five alarms to get me going. Picking my outfit is the hardest part because I want something cute and stylish, meanwhile that sweatshirt looks pretty inviting #thestruggle


  3. Uniforms are a lifesaver! I wore a uniform from Kindergarten to my senior year of high school. I thought they were annoying, but now that I'm in college I wish I still had them. They make mornings so much easier!



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