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Scallop Swim: Splurge vs. Save

Remember this post? Well, PSA: my mom never cancelled spring break! We will be heading to Arizona for a week in exactly two weeks and I could not be more excited. I ordered a new lens for my camera that I'm hoping to try out on the trip and I've got a few ideas for the blog up my sleeve as well. To be completely honest, there are a lot of places I would rather travel than to Arizona, but I still am very grateful to be able to go on a trip. Arizona is supposed to be super hot (fingers crossed!) and I've never been there so I am excited to see what it has to offer (hello, palm trees and cacti in one city!).

A huge part of spring break for me, and other bloggers of course, is what to wear. But, sometimes picking out an entirely new wardrobe for a one week trip can be a little hard on our conscience (and wallets!), and it never hurts to say yes to a great deal.

scalloped swim

Scalloped swimwear is really popular right now, but why pay almost $300 for a bikini set when you could pay under $30? 



  1. I completely agree! I've wanted a scalloped bikini for so long but haven't been able to find an affordable one! The H&M one is perfect!


  2. Arizona is actually pretty fun! I've been to Sedona, and it was beautiful!
    Love the suits!

  3. Love the scallops! Have fun in Arizona!!

  4. Arizona is super pretty, but very hot and dry. I love this scalloped swimsuit!

    Kira {}

  5. Love this suit! What camera do you use?
    xo, Scarlett

  6. My friend just returned from a Spring Break trip in AZ. She said it was perfect pool weather! Don't forget sunscreen! I hope you snag up that scalloped suit!

  7. Scallops are so in this spring and summer! Have tons of fun in Arizona!

    Constance || Prep Northwest

  8. So happy you made this post. I have been obsessing over scalloped bikinis! Good to know H&M has the perfect one!



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