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Desk Acessories

After writing and receiving some positive feedback on this post, I decided to shop around a little for some desk accessories that I could spice up the space with...

Desk Inspiration

Corner Bookcase:: I'm in love with the idea of a corner bookcase; it would be perfect for storage while  being visually appealing and space-saving.

Leopard Pillow:: This pillow is seriously too cute. I'm not quite sure if it would match with my room, but I love it nonetheless.

Task Lamp:: This lamp is super chic. I feel like I would get totally distracted with bending it around (is that weird?!) but it would look perfect with my wooden desk idea.

'Bonjour Print':: I mentioned I was planning on doing a gallery wall and now I think I would definitely have to add this piece to my wall. We all know my obsession with Paris... ;)

Desk:: If I hadn't already narrowed down my options, I would've definitely added this beauty to the list. So chic and versatile for any workspace!

What's on your desk?


  1. I love white furniture it looks so classy! My whole room has white furniture! Let me know if you need any suggestions for good quality but not too expensive furniture!


  2. That corner book case is amazing! I'm really in love with it. And the bonjour print is just too cute!

  3. I absolutely love that lamp. Fun post!

  4. Love the chic and clean look to these accessories! I can't wait until I'm no longer in a dorm so I can buy my own desk and personalize it with fun accessories and colors. I'm head over heels for white desks!

    Constance || Prep Northwest

  5. I love all these picks! We have very similar taste!

    Rachel @


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