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Life Lately

After two weeks, this is my last day of Christmas break.... brb, crying.

School was cancelled today because chillwaukee (aka freezing cold Milwaukee) is like negative one million degrees outside, so I'm #blessed that I got another day off to relish in the happy life of no school. Basically, that means one more day to sit around and literally do nothing because I've been waking up at 11:45 for a solid week and a half now; is it bad that I didn't even wake up until 10 on Christmas?!

As I mentioned, I haven't done much over winter break but I thought I could share a few snaps from my Instagram to catch you all up on my life!

Saturday was the only day I couldn't sleep in. I had a field hockey tournament in Chicago at 8, meaning I had to wake up at 5 AM to meet up with my team at 6 so we would have enough time to drive down and warm up before our first game. We lost both games but the tournament was just for fun and it was understandable considering the girls we were playing are totally legit travel teams... #intimidating. Fortunately, I got to endure the trek (and the snow) in my new Bean Boots and I was generously accompanied by my Chai ;)

On Friday my mom made Julia Child's Clam Chowder and got Panera bread bowls (my favorite) to serve it in. Ohhh, it was so good. I think I may have had more bread than chowder (typical), but I could've gone the whole break on this meal- it was that good.

This is the wreath on our front door! How cute was it that my dad added the bow all by himself?

The #DWC clique did a gift exchange and Gracey was too sweet to get me these Henri Bendel candles that I'm now obsessed with.. the fig is my favorite, it smells so good.

Aaand, how could I conclude a post of what I've been up to without mentioning the snow?! This picture is from a few weeks ago, so it currently looks a lot whiter outside... Hard to believe, I know. There is over a foot I think now and this was taken at only a few inches.

What have you been up to?


  1. I love all of these photos - the way you take and edit your photos makes them all so beautiful! How do you do it?!

  2. I'm with ya sister - I'm never ready to go back :(

  3. Looks like you had a great winter break! It's been INSANE weather here in Chicago as well! I already didn't have school today, but basically every school was shut down due to the weather. I love following you on instagram because all of your posts are so cute!

    XOXO, Kate

  4. So jealous of all that snow! We've got some in DC but not as much as my upstate NY soul would like :)


  5. Unfortunately, my winter break ended January 2nd :( However, today was a snow day and I had a perfectly uneventful day!
    I agree with Belle -- the photos you take are so pretty!


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