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7 Halloween Costume Ideas

fran acciardo 7 halloween costume ideas legally blonde bunny reese witherspoon

Sunday night on Instagram I shared a story asking what you're dressing up as for Halloween! There were some great responses, but also a lot of "I have no idea, please share ideas." I have always been so last minute with Halloween costumes, and this year I can't believe I'm actually somewhat ahead of the game (literally ordered a bunch of stuff last night and today is probably the last day to order if you don't want to pay extra for shipping!). 

This Week's Top 10: all of the fall things

gray malin dogs of NYC fran acciardo this week's top 10

1. The photo above is from Gray Malin's fabulous new Dogs of NYC collection. Read more about the collection here!

2. Last night I had a major "romanticize my life" moment. I went on a walk after work through the West Village to see all of the pretty homes and fall decor, and then I stopped at TJ's on my way home where I picked up a pumpkin, gourd, and a few pumpkin beers! I got home and lit my fall candle and read my book while listening to this fabulous fall jazz playlist. I was really living my fall truth. Everything and more!

3. Need to call out my new fall candle: it's AMAZING. I found it at Target on Sunday and it *sparks joy.* The scent sounds bad (pumpkin & cinnamon) but I promise it took me by very pleasant surprise when I sniffed it at the store! I find sweet-smelling/pumpkin spice/vanilla-type scents just gross in my opinion, and this isn't that- it's just fall and fabulous. And it's super cute! And only $15!

One Year of Consulting

ONE YEAR OF CONSULTING working in tech consulting nyc fran acciardo

One month ago, I hit the one-year mark of my job. To get the big questions out of the way, I work in consulting for a large technology company, and I majored in Business Information Systems in college. I graduated from the University of Wisconsin in May 2020 and started my job (remote!) in September 2020. I’m technically based out of NYC (whenever the offices reopen), so that’s why I moved here.

This Week's Top 10

fran acciardo fall october autumnnal neighborhood this week's top 10 friday links blog post

image via pinterest

 1. After two weeks in Wisconsin, I am officially flying back to the city tomorrow!!! I'm looking forward to it, but I've truly loved being surrounded by nature and plenty of space over the past two weeks.

2. When I get back to my apartment I think I want to do a little decorating for fall! I love these velvet plush pumpkins, and I'm definitely going to pick up some fall candles- this one seems to be a seasonal favorite, but this one and this one look like great options at a lower price point!

3. Speaking of fall shopping, yesterday on the blog I shared 70+ pieces I'm loving this season, and most are under $100. Check out the blog post here!

70+ Fall Pieces I'm Loving

fall shopping wishlist 2021 autumn fashion under $100 fran acciardo

I haven't been blogging much the last few months, and I've noticed how much less inspired I've felt as a result, especially when it comes to getting dressed. I always have an itch this time each year to step up my outfits, so I thought I'd do a little "research" for all of you and share some of the pieces I've found! 

In addition to the college, I've included 70+ pieces below for you, and most are under $100!