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March 2024 Moodboard (Desktop & iPhone Wallpapers!)

fran acciardo march 2024 mood board winter spring pink and green desktop wallpaper iphone wallpaper aesthetic download love flowers st Patrick’s day easter springy floral pastel vibes girl aesthetic

Good morning, March! Hope everyone had a fabulous February and leap day yesterday! Joe and I celebrated our four-year / one-year (leap day things!) anniversary last night in Brooklyn at one of our fave restaurants, followed by the Nets game!

This month I have an exciting ski trip with my besties from home next weekend, and then we have Easter at the end of the month! Figures crossed it starts to feel like springtime soon in NYC as well!

Hope you love this month's moodboard; apologies for getting it up a few hours later than usual! As always, please tag me on Instagram if you download it -- I absolutely love to see the mood board on your screens!

The End of an Era! (and the start of a new one!)

fran acciardo new nyc apartment
*our* new apartment

On Monday I officially moved out of my Soho apartment! My first apartment in NYC will always hold a special place in my heart; I moved into it sight-unseen after graduating from college and moving out of my house in Wisconsin. My brother drove me from Wisconsin to NYC in U-Haul, a two day trip that resulted in calling my perfect little one-bedroom home for the past three years.

My entire life I wanted to move to NYC after graduation. I always knew I wanted to be a city girlie, and the opportunity to live by myself in a precious apartment downtown is something I couldn't be more grateful for. I got so lucky with my apartment, and it shaped the first few years of my New York experience in the best way possible. I'll always remember this apartment so, so, so fondly. From my pink coffee tables to my naked barbies, all of the dinner parties and happy hours, the simple joys of living alone, and everything else I got to experience during my time my Soho, I'm sad to close this chapter of being an independent city girl, but excited for what's next.

February 2024 Moodboard (Desktop & iPhone Wallpapers!)

fran acciardo february 2024 mood board winter desktop wallpaper iphone download pink vintage love aesthetic lovers flowers valentine's dayfran acciardo february 2024 mood board winter desktop wallpaper iphone download pink vintage love aesthetic lovers flowers valentine's day

Happy FEBRUARY! Who else felt like January lasted literally forever?! I didn't really mind, considering 2023 was a crazy year for me. It was really nice to slow down and kick off the new year in a relaxing tone, especially given that this year is about to pick up quickly! 

This month I am officially moving and celebrating four years with Joe! So crazy! I am going to miss my little apartment but excited for my next chapter in NYC. I am hosting a little Galentine's tonight to celebrate in my Soho apartment one last time, and I'm really looking forward to it, although I feel like it might send me into a spiral because I've truly loved living in this apartment and hosting friends so much over the past three years...

Anyway,  I am so excited to share the February moodboard with all of you! This is one of my favorites to make because it's always very pink because of Valentine's Day. I hope you love this one as much as I do!

Please tag me on Instagram if you download it- I absolutely love to see the mood board on your screens.

Valentine's Day Inspired Gift Guide

Valentine's Day Inspired Gift Guide Fran Acciardo

I say this every year: I love Valentine's Day! I always have, I think it's such a cute and fun little holiday. This week I am hosting a Galentine's party with girlfriends, and then when Joe gets back to NYC next week (for the official big move!), we are going to do dinner!

I love anything pink, as we all know, and I had so much fun putting together a little gift guide of sorts, inspired by Valentine's Day! 

Of course, I've included some of my favorite pink things, like this minty lip gloss, my everyday perfume, my favorite robe and pajama set, and my favorite towels

On my delusional wishlist: a Spinelli ring and this Celine wallet (or this purse, if we're being honest. a girl can dream). 

On my actual wishlist: a tall vase for my flower arrangements, and this pink puffer (both not pictured), or this bra!

Friday Faves: Skincare, Fur Coats, and Wellness Things

Friday Faves: Skincare, Fur Coats, and Wellness Things

Happy Friday!!! I used to do a series on the blog called This Week's Top 10, but I honestly haven't done it in so long that I have a lot more to share today than just favorites from this week. Lately, I've been using so many products and doing so many things that I just really want to share, so I'm excited to finally sit down and talk about them! From skincare to new apartment things, podcasts, and more, here are my faves this Friday.