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2023 Gift Guide: Cooking Enthusiast

2023 Gift Guide: Cooking Enthusiast Fran Acciardo Gift Ides for the Hostess Chef Loves to Cook

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..and today I'm excited to share a gift guide I've never made before: gift ideas for the cooking enthusiast! I love to cook, and as an adult (especially living alone) I've found that receiving cooking-related or dinner party/hostess-related gifts is really, really up my alley. For example, last year I received a Le Creuset and I absolutely love it, and the year before I received my amazing air fryer (which is over 50% off right now!)! This year, I would love this chic electric water heater, or any pretty serveware for the dinner parties I love to host.

For any cooking (or hosting!) enthusiasts in your life, I hope you find this gift guide helpful!

Shop the gift guide:

1 & 2: Cookbooks // Can't go wrong with some cookbooks that not only share amazing recipes, but also look chic or tell a great story. I am so intrigued by The House Party in Tuscany cookbook, and the Sunday Supper cookbook, which just looks so pretty.

3: Cookbook Stand // I've never had a cookbook stand and I feel like it's something people forget to buy for themselves!

4: Graza Olive Oil // I've heard great things about this brand. Would be cute to gift the drizzle and sizzle set.

5: Air Fryer // This is the exact air fryer I have, and it is on major sale right now! I use it for everything - it has toast, bake, air fry, and warm settings, so I use it for my toast, salmon, bacon, vegetables, leftover pizza, and so much more! I love it.

6: Festive Serving Tray (also love this one, and this non-festive, chic option) // I can never have enough serving trays! I especially love the idea of a festive option for bringing Christmas cookies as a hostess gift to make it extra special. This one is 30% off and absolutely adorable.

7: Festive Hand Towel // Similarly, would make for a great addition to another smaller gift or would be a great hostess gift. Also 30% off!

8: Electric Water Heater // I use my electric kettle every day to make my coffee in my French Press, and I'd love to upgrade it to this chic option (comes in 6 colors, I love the cream! also comes in pink here)

9: French Press // Going off of that, my French Press is perfect for making coffee for just myself, or maybe one other person! It's an affordable gift that feels luxe, and would be extra nice paired with a bag of coffee beans.

10: Copper Pan // I think copper pans are so chic, but they're expensive (although this one is on major sale right now!), so I'd probably never buy one for myself. Would love one as a gift!

11: Bluetooth Meat Thermometer // This was Joe's suggestion! Never have overcooked meat again, such a helpful tool that will last forever! 

12: Brightland Olive Oil Set // I have a couple of these (the chili oil and the garlic oil) and love them. They make cooking more fun and they look nice on the counter!

13: Le Creuset Dutch Oven (less expensive, equally cute dutch oven here) // I absolutely love my Le Creuset that I received for Christmas last year. I have the red color (found on major sale here!), but you can't go wrong! It's perfect for soups, chilis, even pasta too.

14: Apron //Self-explanatory! This one is so cute.

15: Personalized Cocktail Napkins // These are just so pretty! Love the scalloped edge and the option to add an initial. Comes in 4 colorways!

16: Embroidered Nightgown // This is SO cute! I first saw it in person at the NYC store and gasped - the embroidery with whisks, butter, milk, spatulas, and more is absolutely darling. It is 30% off right now!

17: Personalized Cutting Board, or a grain cutting board // I received a big wooden cutting board for Christmas a few years ago and it has been a game changer for me. I absolutely love it, and I think everyone in the kitchen needs one!

Happy gifting!

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