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Wedding Guest Dresses Under $350

Wedding Guest Dresses Under $350

I have a friend's wedding next month, and the search is on to find something fabulous to wear! I have been looking around quite a bit lately and thought I'd share all of the wedding guest dresses I've come across so far, at a reasonable price range (in my opinion, under $350). 

Shop them below!

Row 1: orange tiered // pink bow shoulder // stripes // floral // hot pink tiered

Row 2: blue strapless // yellow feathers // mini bow back // golden // blue bow // blue mini

Row 3: pink // floral // ombre // pale pink // bow front

Shop the above & more below:

Do you have any fun weddings coming up?



  1. Good for you queenie, but in what world is $350 a reasonable price for a dress you may wear ONCE? Would appreciate under $100 more like.

  2. This earthy color photographs beautifully in outdoor settings, looks chic in a variety of styles and silhouettes and flatters every skin tone. Know more from sage bridesmaid dresses


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