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Gift Guide: My Personal Wish List

Fran Acciardo Gift Guide: My Personal Wish List

Welcome to the first gift guide of 2022! Today we are kicking things off with a highly-requested gift guide: my personal wish list.

As I get older, I don't really ask for Christmas gifts anymore, but I'd be lying if I said there aren't a few things I'd love to receive. A few of these things are practical (desperately need a nice vacuum), a few are impractical (Chanel ballet flats are unlikely to appear under the tree), and a few would just be nice to have (my current AirPods are on the fringe). 

Let's dive in, shall we?!

My Wish List

in no particular order ;)

No. 1 // Acne Beanie

No. 2 // Chanel Ballet Flats

No. 3 // Sports Bra & No. 4 // Matching Leggings

 I love a matching set for pilates and always wish I had more! Love the shimmery brown of this one.

No. 5 // AirPods

Considering my current AirPods only work at full volume at one angle, it might be time to replace them

No. 6 // Sherpa Purse

No. 7 // Suede Sneakers

I am obsessed with these!!!

No. 8 // Berry Lip Oil

I'm pretty much addicted to this lip oil/gloss and wouldn't mind if my stocking was just filled to the brim exclusively with this...

No. 9 // Vacuum

Not even a want, but a need (like, actually)

No. 10 // Film Camera

No. 11 // Massage Gift Card

If you're trying to come up with gift ideas to ask for yourself this year, hopefully, this gave you a little inspiration! If not, stop by tomorrow for Gift Guide #2: my favorite gifts I've personally received (things I own, love, and am so grateful to have gotten in years past.)

What are you asking for?


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