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Gift Guide: Boyfriend's Parents / In Laws

Gift Guide: Boyfriend's Parents / In Laws

When I did a question box on my IG asking for gift guide requests, the second most requested after "boyfriend gift guide," was a gift guide for the boyfriend's parents or in-laws! I published the Boyfriend gift guide last week, and I am excited to share the parents/in-laws one today. Joe and I worked on this together so it's been approved by a real boyfriend lol.

Hopefully, this gives you a little inspiration! Feel free to drop in the comments anything else you'd recommend or have gifted in the past.

In-Laws Gift Guide

No. 1 // Custom Cheese Board

No. 2 // Frasier Fir Candle with No. 3 // cute matches!

No. 4 // Wine Aerator (pair this with a nice bottle of their preferred wine!)

No. 5 // Festive Wine Bottle Holder

No. 6 // Portable Wine Picnic Table

No. 7 // Ember Mug

No. 8 // Coffee Table Book

No. 9 // Fancy Rummy Set!!!

No. 10 // Chic Coasters

No. 11 // Infused Olive Oil

No. 12 // Fire Pit (under $150!)

No. 13 // Tree Cheese Board

No. 14 // Cheese Knives

No. 14 // Stainless Steel Beer Glasses


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