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Gift Guide: Boyfriend

Gift Guide: Boyfriend

I am so excited about today's gift guide! Coming up with a gift idea for a boyfriend is not usually very easy, and this came highly requested, so I'm excited to share this today. I enlisted my boyfriend Joe's help to create this gift guide for all of you and I think there are so many great ideas included! 

This is pretty much a fool-proof guide considering most items are things I think any boy would like. I took into account my boyfriend's interests and tastes obviously, but also my brother and some of guy friends to make sure this was well-rounded enough that you could find something for any type of guy. 

Hope this helps! Let's get into it:

Boyfriend Gift Guide

No. 1 // Loafers

I got these for Joe for his birthday a couple of years ago and he loves them. They are a perfect classic loafer at a very reasonable price point, and they look great with all of his outfits! He wears them quite often and they have held up so well. 

No. 2 // Cashmere Sweater

Joe picked up this exact sweater last month in NYC! It's the cutest color, so soft, and very high quality. It's also currently 40% off so I would definitely snag it while that deal is going on! Size up if in between.

No. 3 // Cologne

I got this for Joe and it smells simply incredible. Would highly recommend. 

No. 4 // Leather Dopp Kit

this one is under $100 and real leather!

No. 5 // Candle

Boys might think they don't need a candle, but they just do... teaching them the art of creating ambiance is important, lol. 

No. 6 // Hot Sauce Making Kit

I just think this is a great idea! It's something you could do together for an at-home date night, and you could even pair a bottle of their favorite tequila or something to go with it to round it out. 

No. 7 // Water Bottle

No. 8 // Quilted Quarter Snap

I just love these. I think boys always look so cute in them! This one I linked is a little more expensive, but it is by far the cutest one I found online. I also love this alternative option, and then this option is under $100.

No. 9 // Nice Workout Shirt

No. 10 // Slippers

No. 11 // Rocks Glasses

love the silver rim on these! how many boys' apartments have you been to where they are literally drinking exlusively out of beer/pint glasses or plastic cups?

No. 11 // Picture Frame

I really think this one is beautiful but here is an under $25 option and an under $10 option

No. 11 // French Press

Pair this with some really nice coffee beans from a local coffee shop!

Honorable mentions:

A record by their favorite band

ketllebell (I didn't want to add this but Joe insisted & a few of you responded to my story that this is in fact a good gift idea hahhaha)

Lululemon pants (my brother lives in these! I swear I think he has five pairs)

Nice cozy blanket

YETI backpack cooler or regular cooler

A nightstand (here or here)

or lamp (here or here - both under $100!)

(LOL. I got Joe this the first year we were dating. He needed help in this department)

Always Pan (a great gift for anyone!)


Cool Coasters

Stainless steel beer glasses


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