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My Goyard Review

fran acciardo goyard west village nyc

Some of my most frequent DM's are about my Goyard. I purchased my Goyard St. Louis GM tote almost exactly a year ago, and I use it almost every single day, but I've never reviewed it! This tote is the biggest designer purchase I've ever made, and since I get a lot of questions about the bag, so I want to share all of my thoughts in one spot. 

This Week's Top 10: Shopping, Sales, New NYC Spot & More!

Fran Acciardo This Week's Top 10: Shopping, Sales, New NYC Spot & More!

 1. I'm so excited for this weekend because Joe is here in NYC!!!!! He hasn't been to the city to visit since April because of his move down to Dallas, so I'm very happy that he's here again. We don't have too many plans but I am excited to try a few new restaurants and of course, just spend time together! 

2. Speaking of new-to-me spots, I discovered Sauced in Williamsburg last weekend. It's a wine bar with no menu- you tell them what you're in the mood for and what wines you usually like, and they surprise you with a perfect glass for you! I went on Saturday and was presented with some incredible new-to-me wines, and enjoyed a fabulous cheese board as well. Would highly recommend this cozy, cute spot in downtown Williamsburg!

3. Yesterday on the blog I shared a giant round-up of my favorites from July, across clothing, beauty, skincare, books, workouts, and more. I've been swearing by my 5-step summer makeup routine for the past couple of weeks and included everything I use in the post, along with some of my favorite recent reads, and so much more!

A Giant List of My July Favorites

A Giant List of My July Favorites: Beauty, Wellness, Skincare, Books, and more

It's been almost two years since I shared a monthly favorites post. In all honesty (as if this is even surprising- you're going be like, duh..), I've been really lazy with blogging. I definitely don't make blogging a priority, despite the running list of ideas I keep on my phone and in my planner and notebook. You'd be shocked to know that every month I fill up a content calendar with ideas, considering I barely post on here anymore! Anyway- not sure if I'll actually stick to this as much as I used to, but in the meantime, a Favorites post is well overdue and I am excited to share with you the things I loved in July, and recently. Beware, there's a lot... 

August Moodboard (Desktop & iPhone Wallpaper)

fran acciardo August 2022 mood board summer blue and white Italy European vacation  preppy nyc desktop wallpaper iphone wallpaper aesthetic download vibes

August is here, and this mood board is officially my favorite one I've ever done. It's a gloomy day in New York City, and I just put folklore on in the background and magically created this! It feels so fitting as it's my favorite month of the year, my birthday month, and the vibes are absolutely fabulous.

Joe is coming to visit this weekend, and then in just two weeks, I'm off to the southern coast of Turkey for a European beach vacation with one of my closest friends to celebrate my birthday! I am so excited for this month.