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A Giant List of My July Favorites

A Giant List of My July Favorites: Beauty, Wellness, Skincare, Books, and more

It's been almost two years since I shared a monthly favorites post. In all honesty (as if this is even surprising- you're going be like, duh..), I've been really lazy with blogging. I definitely don't make blogging a priority, despite the running list of ideas I keep on my phone and in my planner and notebook. You'd be shocked to know that every month I fill up a content calendar with ideas, considering I barely post on here anymore! Anyway- not sure if I'll actually stick to this as much as I used to, but in the meantime, a Favorites post is well overdue and I am excited to share with you the things I loved in July, and recently. Beware, there's a lot... 

I'm trying to be good about linking on my LTK page!

My current favorite piece is this semi-sheer oversized blue button down. The color is absolutely gorgeous and it's so easy to throw on for WFH, but can also be dressed up for a dinner or weekend look, or worn as a beach cover-up! 

Also recently got three dresses that I love equally and must share: 
One // Two // Three 

In the lounge-realm: my Lake pajamas and robe are incomparable to anything else. After I shower I literally crave this robe, and the pajamas became a new favorite from the first night I wore them! 

Finally - a little life hack: these pins from Amazon have CHANGED my jean shorts look this summer. Every time I wearr my jean shorts, I get DM's/questions about them. Basically, I thrifted a cute pair of jean shorts a couple years ago and now they're a bit bit in the waist, so I just added one of these pins to give the shorts the assymetrical waist look! AGOLDE, who?!

Also just ordered these sandals but I guess it's August now... so moving on!

I've been reading so much lately! 20 books so far this year!! Some favorites: The Love Hypothesis, Girls with Bright Futures, and Every Summer After

I am currently reading Elin Hilderbrand's newest book, The Hotel Nantucket, which has been fabulous so far.

But the biggest thing in this category: my KINDLE! I'll write a full blog post on my Kindle soon, but it solves my previous problems of (1) poor lighting while reading, (2) difficulty finding a position on my side that works with both sides of a book (like when I'm laying in bed), and (3) not having immediate access to the books I want to read. I could go on and on about it but I'll say if you're on the fence, you have to at least order and try one! I really didn't think I was going to love it, at least not as much as I do now, but I was completely converted after my first book!

You can follow all of my reads on my Goodreads here!

I've been trying out a lot of new skincare products recently, but one that has been my holy grail for the past few months is this No 7 Moisturizer with SPF. Originally I tried it because No7 sent me the products for a sponsored post, but it quickly became my favorite moisturizer. 

I was looking for a new moisturizer with SPF in it because if it's not all one step, I'll probably forget or be too lazy to add SPF on top. This moisturizer obviously has the SPF element, but it also smells amazing and has a creamy, delightful, easy to blend consistency. I have tried a million moisturizers and I love both the look and the feel: the way this sinks into my skin is incredible; my skin has a visible glow after applying it. As for the feel, I can go for a walk (aka sweat) shortly after applying this, and I don't get that clogged / product overlay feeling that I despise- truly one of my biggest pet peeves in a product. Can't say enough good things about how much I love this moisturizer!

B E A U T Y 
I have a five-step makeup routine that I swear by right now. Each of these five products is officially a part of my holy grail collection- I can't say enough good things! Also, I believe 4/5 are are clean beauty brands. We love that!

Versed Glow Drops // This is the only sort of base product I use on my skin in the summer, and I use it like a tinted moisturizer. Aka, I just take a squeeze and rub it in all over my face for a perfect glow. It's magical the way it gives you a glow, a little tan, and an even skin tone in 10 seconds. I really can't recommend this enough; if you like more coverage you can use it under, over, or mixed it with your foundation as well. 

SAIE Dew Blush in 'Chilly' // This is the most recent addition to my list, but after seeing many Tik Toks/Reels of people trying this product, I knew I was going to love it. Similar to the viral Rare beauty blush, you just need a tiny amount (it's super pigmented) and it blends out so well. It'll probably last me the next five years because of how much product there is and how little you need. I opted for the SAIE product over Rare really just because the shade Chilly is exactly what I wanted. 

Hoola Classic Bronzer // I have been using this bronzer for probably 10 years, so this is nothing new, but I continue loving it because I find it to be the most natural looking bronzer; it's not sparkly or orange at all, and it's easy to build.

Merit Brow Pomade in Blonde // This is pretty similar to boy brow from Glossier, but the Merit version feels higher quality and lasts longer. I end up with the perfect amount of product and brow shape every time. Best of all, this one-step brow products takes about 2 seconds to apply and looks completely natural.

Trish McEvoy Gorgeous Pink Shimmer Lip Gloss // don't be fooled by the way this shade looks in the tube; it's the most beautiful color for summer; it's a pale pink, almost peachy shade and, of course, super shimmery.

My hair has NEVER looked better in my LIFE than it has recently. The T3 Micro Airebrush has changed me. Like, not to be dramatic, but I might become a hair Tik Tokker with the way my blowouts are turning out these days -- see how I do my blowouts here!

Before I head to Turkey in two weeks (!!! - freaking out), I've been doing Bodyrok about 4x/week. The first time you sign up for an unlimited month at Boydrok it's only $150, which seems expensive but is literally about 1/2 the price of any other monthly studio or gym membership in the city. I decided to sign up this particular time for the unlimited month as opposed to ClassPass (what I do the other 11 months of the year) because I'm actually in the city for 30 days uninterrupted. 

Pilates is such an incredible workout, at least for me, and I feel just overall more confident and happy with myself as a result of the consistent, challenging classes. I definitely notice that I've gotten stronger, but more importantly, that my mindset around my body and wellness has improved.

Speaking of wellness, I've been practicing a lot of self-care recently. My bedtime routine is my favorite part of the day: shower, skincare, maybe a face mask, and then I wear my toe spacers when I get into bed to read. 

Toe spacers definitely look ridiculous, but don't knock them until you try them! They have many benefits such as releasing stress and tension in your feet, improving posture, and reducing future foot pain and injuries from working out. 

I've been listening to quite a variety of music latel! I finally got Spotify premium a couple of months ago and have not looked back. My three go-to playlists lately have been my Martha's Vineyard playlist, Sunday Morning vibes playlist, and my current summer playlist!

My favorite show right now is Only Murders in the Building! It's just light, funny, and entertaining, although I do think this season has been a little lackluster in comparison to the first season. 

Also in July, I watched the first season of The Bear on Netflix which is a drama/comedy about a Chicago-based restaurant with Jeremy Allen White as the star (he was Lip in Shameless!)


Ok, I think that's it... hope you enjoyed another favorites post... finally!



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