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This Week's Top 10: Shopping Finds

This Week's Top 10: Shopping Finds emili sindlev cecilie bahnsen babet floral jacquard top instagram

 image via emili sindlev- love this outfit

1. This week has flown by; I flew back from Dallas on Tuesday morning and I am thrilled that it's already the weekend. It feels like a minute ago and a lifetime ago at the same time that I was flying down to Dallas for the Fourth of July weekend and now we are already halfway through the month! I'll likely do a full Dallas recap in the next few days because I have a handful of new-to-me Dallas spots to share. 

2. I am back in the city for the next five weeks, and I'm thrilled to finally just be home for a while. I started a 30-day pass at my favorite pilates studio on Wednesday, and I am so, so happy so far. Before with ClassPass it was great because I could go whenever I was in town and then also go to other studios in other cities, but now that I'm just going to be home for a while I'm thrilled to be able to go everyday if I choose! 

I kicked off the 30 days with a little trip to Bandier and bought this sports bra and these leggings, both of which I have already worn and couldn't be more in love with. The sports bra is surprisingly more supportive than it looks, and I absolutely love how easy it is to take on and off. Nothing drives me crazier than the frustration of pulling a sweaty sports bra over my head! The leggings are easily the most flattering I've ever worn. They're also buttery soft, and did I mention, on sale?

3. On a similar note, I am quaking over this hot pink, backless workout dress under $100!

4. This is the cutest bow-front top and it's on sale right now for $33! Ordering.

5. Speaking of bows, I die for this bikini

6. This gorgeous white ruffle blouse looks far more expensive than it's $80 price tag! Would wear this all the time. 

7. Another shopping note: I finally set up my Amazon Storefront! I linked as many goodies as I could, including the hair tool I swear by and my new kindle that I bought this week during Prime Day- so excited!

8. I am so tempted by this adorable raffia tote, which is an extra 40% off right now, and these jute heels!

9. What a chic beach towel! On sale now too!

10. If you need a weekend activity this weekend, Joe and I saw the new Elvis movie last week and it was amazing! I had no idea all of the historical impacts that Elvis had on our country, especially where segregation comes into play. Austin Butler was incredible. I will say though if you're between seeing Top Gun and Elvis in the theater, I saw Top Gun in June, and it was even better than Elvis...

Hope you all have a safe and fabulous July weekend!

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