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Girls Weekend: Recap & NYC Recs

Girls Weekend: Recap & NYC Recs Fran Acciardo

This post is definitely overdue, but I wanted to share another girls' weekend recap from Memorial Day weekend. Our itinerary ended up being perfect, and I have some great recommendations for you! Two of my best friends, Elizabeth and Coco, visited me in NYC and we had such a great time kicking off summer in the city. Here's what we did: 

(scroll to the bottom of the post for the list of recs without the fluff)


Fran Acciardo Girls Weekend: Recap & NYC Recs

The girls landed Saturday afternoon around 1, and we were all starving. We went to Lure Fishbar for lunch which is a great option because it’s right in SoHo and you don’t need a reservation (at least, I’ve always been able to get a table right away). We all ordered cobbs all around, and we were able to catch up and enjoy lunch before shopping around SoHo afterward!

We shopped for a bit and then went to Dante in the West Village for drinks. We met up with our friend Caroline and the four of us were seated outside pretty quickly! I’m sure you’ve heard of or seen Dante’s cocktails all over IG- they make the prettiest (and most delicious!) drinks, plus the overall aesthetic of the restaurant is gorgeous. It’s hard to get a reservation but they save a decent amount of room for walk-ins so it’s definitely not as difficult as it seems to get a spot.

We went home and relaxed, changed, and got ready because we had a 10 PM dinner reservation at Little Ways in SoHo. Turns out, 10 PM reservations are kind of a life hack if you’re planning to go out and don’t want to be rushed to make it to dinner, and then unsure of what to do between dinner and the bars/clubs. We had such a leisurely time getting ready and then enjoyed some drinks and apps at Little Ways before heading to Acme, which is our favorite going-out spot.


We stayed out pretty late, so on Sunday we woke up and picked up Green Juices at Dr. Smood in SoHo before having lunch at Ruby's Cafe in Nolita. Ruby’s is one of those places you definitely have to wait for a table. We waited for 30ish minutes, but it’s so worth it; the food is amazing and the vibes are just great. It’s a classic Australian lunch menu so there’s really something for everyone. I had a salad and a side of fries, of course! Their fries are delicious, especially with the truffle aioli!

Sunday afternoon we took a walk on the West Side Highway, got froyo at Bloomingdale’s (the best girls' weekend activity), and just explored the city.

Fran Acciardo Girls Weekend: Recap & NYC Recs

For dinner on Sunday, we went to Saint Theo's, which is gorgeous and delicious, but definitely on the pricier side. You have to kind of be in the mood for their menu because there aren’t a ton of options. We enjoyed it, especially the Aperol Spritz the size of our heads, before walking around the West Village and ending the night with another round of ice cream (from Van Leeuwen's!).


On Monday Coco had to catch her flight, so we got coffee at Now or Never and then said goodbye to her! Elizabeth and I ended up making our way to the LES to do some shopping. We popped into Dana Foley, which is a cool, curated boutique with both vintage pieces and pieces made by Dana herself, who was in the store when we were! All of the girls are so stylish, cool, and helpful, and both Elizabeth and I left with some fabulous dresses.

Fran Acciardo Girls Weekend: Recap & NYC Recs

We had drinks Monday pre-dinner at Bar Pisellino (my favorite place in the city- above!)

Fran Acciardo Girls Weekend: Recap & NYC Recs

Followed by dinner at Cafe Cluny (above), which is another fave / go-to NYC spot; the burger is great and the restaurant is just so charming.


Fran Acciardo Girls Weekend: Recap & NYC Recs

On Tuesday, Elizabeth was flying out, so we got Leon's Bagels and Partner’s Coffee as our last meal together! Leon’s is my favorite bagel place in the city. I mean, not only is the branding aesthetic perfection, but the bagels are really, really worth it.

That was it! It flew by but was so much fun. I always want to share more NYC recs with you so I hope you enjoyed this post!

The breakdown: 


- Lure Fishbar - lunch, great location, don't need a res

- Dante - cocktails

- Little Ways - late-night dinner or drinks

- Acme - club


- Dr. Smood - green juice, etc

- Ruby's Cafe - lunch, something for everyone

- Bloomingdale's for froyo!

- Saint Theo's - Italian, dinner, pricier side

- Van Leeuwen's - ice cream


- Now or Never - coffee

- Froth LES for fun iced drinks (we got kombucha but they had so many other fun options like blackberry iced tea and fancy Arnold Palmers...)

- Dana Foley - boutique

- Bar Pisellino - drinks

- Cafe Cluny - French/American, dinner, great location


- Leon's Bagels

- Partners Coffee


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