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This Week's Top 10 (Going Out Outfits + My Go-To Drinks & More)

This Week's Top 10 (Going Out Outfits + My Go-To Drinks & More) Fran Acciardo Spring Weekend

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 1. I landed in Chicago last night and I am beyond excited for this weekend. I am working from my brother's apartment today and then meeting up with my three best friends/roommates from college to celebrate Elizabeth's birthday tonight & tomorrow here in Chicago! The four of us are so close but haven't all been together since before I moved to NYC, so I seriously could cry from excitement. 

Before we dive into everything, in case you missed it, I shared two gift guides on the blog this week: a Mother's Day gift guide and a gift guide for the College Graduate!

2. This weekend, because all of the girls are so stylish, I really had to plan my outfits. I ended up doing RTR last minute because a lot of things weren't working, and I am SO glad I did. I am beyond obsessed with this plunging leather top which I'm going to wear tomorrow night - might end up buying it to keep. I also love this open-back crop top for maybe tomorrow afternoon, and then I also got this retro paisley dress that I plan to wear to a rehearsal dinner in a couple of weeks; it looks so much better on than you'd think!

3. Speaking of going out, how about an update on my drinks of choice?! My go-to drink drink is usually a dirty Hendrick's martini (I don't drink vodka) or white wine, and sometimes a negroni if I'm at the right spot. 

My go-to bar drink lately is actually something Elizabeth introduced me to and I haven't ordered anything else at a going-out spot since. It's a gin and 1/2 tonic, 1/2 club. I don't love tonic so I do 1/2 and 1/2 with the club and it's truly SO delicious. The tonic masks a lot of the alcohol taste and the club dilutes the tonic taste... it's perfect and easy, and even better with a lime or two. I highly recommend it as a bar/rail drink because it's more delicious than a vodka or tequila soda (in my opinion- I know many people are repulsed at the taste of gin, haha) and just as easy for the bartender. In college, I always got vodka sodas and tequila sodas and I simply can not with those anymore... 

If I am not drinking gin, however, I will drink tequila, like a spicy marg if I'm in the mood, or sometimes Casamigos on ice with a couple of limes if I really don't know what I want. Otherwise, at the bar, I just opt for a beer sometimes. Especially after 2-3 drinks, I am a beer girlie the rest of the night. We do not need more 2018 Frannie in this world... *bye*

4. I ordered and packed this top for this weekend as well. It is super flattering and under $50 - perfect going out top for summer!

5. I wore these shoes to death all last spring/summer/fall... literally every single night I left my apartment in 2021, and I just replaced them with these in black! They are super comfortable, under $100, and I know they'll be perfect for all of my evening adventures this year. On sale now with code FRIEND for a limited time!

Also just ordered this pair in nude because they're on sale for under $100 and I couldn't resist...

6. This weekend I also packed my new favorite shoes, and recently discovered this pair (also under $100) that I love

7. Switching gears- I just had my AC Unit installed last weekend and I am BEYOND excited to have AC this summer. Wow, writing that I'm like... is this what life is like for me now?! Haha, the joys of living in NYC. Anyway- it's a really nice AC unit; very quiet and more aesthetic than a traditional unit. It's on sale right now and I'd highly recommend it!

8. I just ordered these shorts and this gorgeous blouse for summer. Beyond excited for both- I know I'll wear them a ton. 

9. Last night on the plane I started A Court of Mist and Fury, the second book in the Court of Thorns and Roses trilogy! Very excited to get into it; many of you say it's the best book in the series!

10. Last but not least, this is my current fave lip color/product. The color is gorgeous, perfect for nighttime, and the formula is incredible. I've mentioned it before but I rotate in and out of lip products (mainly because I can't keep track of them, haha) and I'm back in love with this. Will be using it all weekend for sure!

Hope you all have a fun and safe weekend!


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  1. A Court of Mist and Fury is my favorite book ever! Hope you like it!


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