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This Week's Top 10: It's my birthday!

fran acciardo this weeks top 10: it's my 23rd birthday champagne tower

1. Wow... what a week. This work week was definitely in my top 3 of the most stressful/busy/overwhelming weeks yet. I've never been so eager for the end of the week, and because it's my birthday today, that feeling was especially strong!! I don't have any crazy plans this year, just dinner tonight with a few friends, and then going to the Yankees game tomorrow, which I am really looking forward to. LOL, I got a manicure last night and I can barely type.

2. I treated myself to this adorable workout set as a birthday present to myself!! Can't wait for it to come. I don't have any matching sets and it pains me every time I go for a walk, so this was definitely justified, haha.

3. What is happening in Afghanistan is devastating. I can't imagine how Afghan women are feeling right now. This article is really insightful and shares how you can help. I have also heard about the organizationn Women for Afghan Women (WAW)

4. Last weekend I purchased (ok, wow, someone needs to chill with the shopping) this fabulous top and wore it to dinner at Grand Banks, which is an incredible vibe, being an oyster restaurant in a boat (!!) on the water. Shared a reel here!

5.  Also bought these shoes because they're an amazing deal right now. 

6. I am obsessed with Still Woozy's new album, especially Woopie and Before you were Mine!!

7. OMG. I made this salad dressing this week and it's so, so amazing. I did it on a salad of kale, cabbage, green onion, dill, mint, parmesan, and chicken... like four times, haha. If you're familiar with Hillstone's kale salad, that was my inspo! Yummm.

8. I'm going to need this dress for fall... looks sooo comfy and would just be a great staple, either with booties or boots during the day or heels for dinner!

9. I am so in love with this glow moisturizer and this brow pomade right now. Also, last weekend, my friend Lauren was visiting and she got me hooked on Olaplex products!! Made my hair feel amazing, I'm definitely converting. I tried 3, 4, 5 and 7 for reference!

10. Ok that's it!! I'm 23!! Byeeeee


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