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This Week's Top 10: MDW

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1. Happy Friday! Apologies the blog has been on the back burner for a couple of weeks; things have been really busy with work. Like, 10 hour days most days, and unfortunately, it's hard to look at a screen again after I shut my laptop around 7PM. That said, very much looking forward to heading to Martha's Vineyard tomorrow for MDW and staying for all of next week. So excited for the break from work for a bit to recharge!

2. Currently reading this book and planning to pack this one for the trip as well.

3. Looking forward to wearing this navy slip dress I've had forever to dinner one night on the island! I think it'll be perfect. Mine is older (and I've never worn it!) but I love this one and this one - both very similar.

4. I bought this zip-up hoodie last week and have not taken it off since. When I did laundry at the beginning of the week, I was without it for one day and actually was like ...wait what do I wear now? Didn't realize I'd been wearing the same thing for a week! oops lol. It's on sale for $15 right now!!! You need it, and I promise you won't regret it.

5. On the other hand, something that is not budget-friendly: I am so, so, so obsessed with this Picasso lithograph and need to find something similar for my apartment because I def can't afford an OG Picasso.

6. This bath mat and matching shower curtain spark so much joy for me. On sale this weekend and they would match my pillows... tempting.

7. I've shared this before but I think this is the perfect summer shirt for men. I convinced Joe to get it in two colors and he looks so fab in both! It's on sale this weekend and you must get your boyfriend's hands on it-- or it could make for a great father's day gift too, as that is just around the corner!

8. These comfy shorts I'm always wearing are just $30 and look like they've been restocked in some sizes! I have the hot pink in a Medium and loveeee them, but I'd suggest sizing up if you're in-between as they are a little on the shorter side, and the waistband can be tight.

9. This was the best podcast episode I listened to this week!

10. My current playlist and my beach playlist are going to be on repeat all week! So excited for the Vineyard vibes and energy! What are your MDW plans?!


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