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This Week's Top 10: Daaaamn

1. Damn. Friday. I have never needed you more!!! I've been living by the words of wisdom above this week because, well, was anyone else's week just... painful?? Actually, I already know that it was because almost 100% of you voted in my IG story poll last night that your week sucked. I am sorry that you had a bad week, but isn't it a little less bad knowing we all had a bad week and now it's over? Some of you told me it's because mercury is in retrograde. Whatever that means, I am not into it.

2. I am going to write an entire blog post sharing my thoughts on how I've felt the past week-ish. I have a lot to say... it's a combination of the sun never being up when I have my first meeting for work every day, hitting my breaking point with Covid (we are coming up on the one year mark, accepting that college is really over is feeling real, I am in my 20s and haven't been to a bar in who knows how long...), and just overall not vibing. I appreciate all of your ideas and messages this week on Instagram as I complained about my mood. I try to keep it positive on there 99% of the time but I just hit a breaking point this week and wanted to be honest with you about how I feel.

3. February is Black History Month and I picked up the following books written by female black authors at the library to read in the coming weeks: Such a Fun Age by Kiley Reid, Becoming by Michelle Obama, and Clap When You Land by Elizabeth Acevedo. I have heard fabulous things about all of them and I am so excited!!!

4. I am trying to think of things I was into this week... ummm... literally ate avocado toast every single day, a bunch of cookies, and made my first cocktail in like 2-ish months last night using Tost!

5. Also made this playlist and I am very, very into it. Should I bring back the monthly playlists this year?!

6. Speaking of music! This is the Bluetooth speaker I received from my brother for Christmas that I mentioned at some point on my IG stories!! It is at a great price point and has amazing sound quality.

7. Discovered this random button-detail sweater and it is SO cute, as well as this button sweatshirt which is so MY TRUTH, do I need it??

8. If we were working with warmer weather I'd be wearing this dress every day.

9. I cannot believe this coat is on sale for under $50!!! And it's still available in every size!

10. Do you have any plans for the Super Bowl this weekend? Joe and I are going to hang out with a small group of friends and I am just so excited for buffalo chicken dip!!!



  1. Hi Fran! I think I am hitting a wall too with the stay at home orders... seriously a whole year of not attending concerts and sporting events?! Even the introvert in me is ready to get out. I want to be more consistent in working out but I commute 45 minutes to and from work each day and I don't have it in me at all. And it's all starting to effect my sleep schedule. Is it bad that I am ready to "spring forward"? I am looking for the sun to be up at the same time I am! haha

    I hope you enjoy your weekend!


    1. aww, bailey! I am just seeing this but I hope you've gotten out of your rut!



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