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My Go-To Green Smoothie

I've been making the same green smoothie every morning for the past week for breakfast, and I thought I'd share it today! Living alone, I love that I can make a smoothie every morning without worrying about bothering anyone when I turn on the blender at 8 AM. In the summer I love making smoothies because they are so cold and refreshing, and just a delicious way to get in some extra nutrients.

2/3 frozen banana
handful frozen pineapple chunks (so cheap at TJ's!)
1/2 mini cucumber
a chunk of ginger (I add a big chunk usually -- I love the kick!)
handful spinach
a spoonful of spirulina powder (read about the benefits of spirulina here)
a cup of almond milk (roughly... I don't measure this, I just add enough so it blends!)

you don't taste the greens and it's so refreshing and nutrient-dense!

do you have a go-to smoothie recipe?


  1. This green smoothie looks so good!


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