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Father's Day Gift Ideas

If you guys are close friends or followers of mine, you probably know that my dad and I are best friends. We just have so much fun together, and I am especially excited about Father's Day this year because it's the first year we are celebrating the special day together in probably like six or seven years!

My dad lives in Dallas, so, I only see him a few times each year. I am so excited that our annual family party on the East Coast is falling over Father's Day this year, and in just two weeks I'll be with my dad and brother in Boston before spending a few days in Rhode Island, and then the following week + Fourth of July at our family home in the Hamptons.

Anyway! That said, this Father's Day is going to be a special one and I want to pick out a gift for my dad that he will love and remember this day! Below I am sharing some of my dad's favorite things that I know he loves, and maybe you'll find this helpful in picking something out for your own dad!

A few notes: 
A lot of these gifts I found on Nordstrom or Amazon prime because they both have a great selection with free, fast shipping!

My dad's favorite drink is a Manhattan, which he claims is only suitable if served with a big, big ice cube. My brother and I have gotten him a few of these square ice cube molds for his cocktails, and he is obsessed with them.

My dad is obsessed with his Birkenstocks, so a couple years ago my brother and I got him the rubber waterproof pair to wear when he's at the beach/near water and doesn't want to wear his regular pair. Once again, he's obsessed.

My brother and many of my guy friends are obsessed with their Lululemon pants, whether for work or travel. I think they would also make a great gift for dads!

This homemade gin kit seems like a fun activity... you could even do it together and make cocktails!

This mug keeps your coffee hot! Cool and practical.

Do you have any Father's Day gift ideas?

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