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This Week's Top 10

1. The other day I listened to this podcast episode about crazy wedding horror stories... omg. It was so entertaining. I was walking my dog while listening to it and literally laughing walking down the street. 

2. On the blog this week (ICYMI) I shared my homemade frosémy favorite activities for my brain, and another small space decor post!

3. PSA! So many pairs of my fave Veja sneaks are on sale and available in multiple sizes and styles here!!!

4.  YOU GUYS. This sleep mask!!! It's perfect!!! It looks so luxurious and unique and perfected. I need it. I have a very bright room in the morning and would benefit from this immeasurably

5. A few other shopping things:
// My current high tops are pretty beat up and I'm thinking of replacing them with this pair... 
// A perfect cotton poplin white maxi dress for summer
// I need this blazer dress... and I love this utility-style romper

6. I've been on the lookout for a great moisturizer with SPF recently since the weather turned around.
I currently use this SPF CC cream, but kind of wanted a regular moisturizer option. This one and this one look great. I'm curious, do you have a product you recommend? 

7. I've been linking my daily outfits on the Like to Know it app! Going to try and be better about linking my outfits/daily looks this summer.

8. These lemon blueberry crumble bars.... omg. 

9. If you loved the Devil Wear's Prada, you have to read this article: The One Thing 'Devil Wears Prada' Got Wrong About Anna Wintour... entertaining and interesting.

10. Remember a few weeks ago when I shared an Instagram poll asking Aidan vs. Big (referencing Sex and the City)?? Now VOGUE is trying to argue that steve is the best option... the article is pretty convincing, especially when you consider his Brooklyn accent (swoon). But, I'm still kind of team Big... What are your thoughts?!!


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