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Spring Finds Under $100

photo via Brunch on Chestnut

Welcome back! In today's episode of "how I'm procrastinating my ~virtual~ homework by writing blog posts instead," I'm sharing a ton of cute spring things I've found under $100! I mentioned on Friday that I haven't been doing a lot of shopping for clothes... I have nothing to get dressed for these days (does anyone?!), but that doesn't mean that spring won't eventually roll around, and we might find ourselves craving a cute outfit to keep us sane. Maybe in a few weeks, we will even get a little Instagram photo while social distancing? I mean, the quarantine creativity is surely only going up from here.

My favorite thing is when you DM me in response to my Instagram stories. When I asked if I should still share these pieces (and 95% of you said yes!), one of you was like, "please give me things to buy, I need packages to make me happy." I was like... omg, same. If we can't go shopping, at least shopping can still come to us!! Moral of the story, online shopping isn't canceled during quarantine. A package on your doorstep will brighten your social-distanced day!

I found so many cute things, all under $100, and most under $50. 
I hope you enjoy!

Have you found anything fabulous for spring?

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