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My Favorite Pink Things

With Valentine's Day in just over a week, what better way to get excited than by sharing a few of my favorite pink things?! From Glossier's Generation G that I can't get enough of, to my favorite slippers, I'm obsessed with everything I've rounded up here, and I think you would be too! Even if you're not celebrating Valentine's day in any special way, it's still a great excuse to treat yourself with something fun.

My personal favorites:

I use Glossier's Generation G in "like" without fail, every single day. It is my favorite lip product ever, from the formula to the shade: it's the perfect berry pink. I couldn't live without it!

My CDG high tops are my go-to shoes for school. They pair well with everything and make every outfit look cooler. 

Hermes Twilly is my go-to perfume when I go out. It's a little bit of a "darker" scent that I wouldn't personally wear every day during the daytime, so I think it's perfect for a night out or a special occasion.

These J. Crew slippers are the best ever. I have gotten so many compliments on mine, and they make me so happy. They're incredibly soft and comfortable! I have them in white, but I almost did pick out the pink!

The Vogue X Music coffee table book is my favorite coffee table book I own! Not only is the book massive and looks beautiful on the outside, but the content is truly fabulous. I genuinely like to flip through it, read it, and stare at the photos... it is a work of art.

You know I love my candles! This Boy Smells candle is incredible, and the packaging is perfection. I want to try more of their candles because I am so obsessed!

My Champion sweatshirts are some of my favorites, and they're always coming out with cool, new, limited edition styles. I especially love this pink one available now.

More pink things:

I love wearing my mini pave huggies in my second and third piercings. This little pink pair is so cute... maybe I need to add them to my collection!

Similarly, I love the look of tennis bracelets, and this pretty pink one would make a great gift!

Is there anything more luxurious than a silk pajama set?!

Are you doing anything fun for Valentine's Day this year?

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