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Cookie Exchange Party Recap

The Saturday before Christmas I hosted my annual cookie exchange party with all of my friends! Although it's now a few weeks in the past, I still want to share a recap of the party for future reference. I've been hosting this party with my mom for five years now, and it's our favorite annual tradition. 

Warning: there are a lot of photos below!

my friend Anna! her blog/Instagram, Everyday Anna, is so cute! 

Anna and her little sister Zoe

Caroline from citrus + style and our friend Karlie!

Caroline, Karlie, Elizabeth, and I -- my oldest friends from the North Shore

my friend Liz from high school

one of my best friends at school, Isabelle, and her little sister Christie


my friend Sofi from high school

Sofi and her mom!

my roomies at school at our mom's! from left to right: Celia, me, Coco, and Elizabeth

my mom and I

my best friend Caroline from high school

my friend Abby from high school and her mom

It's so much fun every year to invite all of my girlfriends and their moms over to exchange cookies, catch up, and just have fun! Not all of my friends can make it every year depending on finals schedules and holiday travel plans, but I think everyone has made it at least once or twice over the years. It always ends up being a fun group of girls no matter what, and the moms love seeing each other too, which makes the party fun for them as well!

Last year we didn't take any photos at the party, so this year we made it a point to get lots of good ones! I brought my camera out and snapped so many throughout the evening. This year I wore a green taffeta dress from Zara (now sold out, but a very similar option here!), Gucci tights, and a little pair of black velvet heels borrowed from my mom (very similar option here, and under $50 option here). I got so many compliments on my outfit, and I really loved it myself! The dress was quite voluminous, so I had to keep deflating it, but it was so comfortable that I didn't mind.

It was such a fun afternoon and I'm always so grateful that my friends and their moms (and sisters!) make the time to come over and bring cookies and celebrate the holidays with us!

Honorary mentions: my friend Kristen also made it to the party but had to leave before we took pictures! My mom also had a few of her own friends over but I have no idea where their photos went!! A few more moms were in attendance as well and didn't get photos either. I feel bad not to include them but I promise their presence was so appreciated!!

Once all of the moms headed home, a few of us girls stayed and made peppermint martinis, changed into more casual outfits and went out that night! My flight to Dallas for Christmas was the next day, and just like that the holidays were in full swing!

If you're interested, here is the recap from the party in 2015 (senior year of high school) and 2016 (freshman year of college). Like I mentioned, we didn't take any photos last year (2018), and in 2017 I didn't have the party because I was spending Christmas at my dad's!

Do you have any holiday party traditions?


  1. Love these photos! I wish my friends and I did a get together like this, so cute and fun :)



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