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This Massive Fur Coat Saved My Winter Wardrobe

When it comes to my style, I tend to gravitate towards the same things every time I shop. A sweater in a million colors? I want it in black. Jeans in 20 different styles? Straight leg, high rise. Lately I've come to realize that my style is a lot less spontaneous than I thought; most of my everyday outfits consist of the same, simple and unsurprising pieces. This winter, when I went on Rent The Runway to pick my four pieces for the month, I saw this coat and knew I needed it. I love anything over the top, emerald green, or furry, but it's rare I'll find a combination of my favorite things in a piece that's still as functional as it is fabulous.

Between holiday events and parties, friend's birthdays, having nothing to wear on random days when I just felt like wearing something fun, and going out both in Milwaukee and back at school, this coat saved my winter wardrobe. I can't tell you how amazing it was to have this coat sitting in my closet for a month just ready to be the icing on the cake to literally any outfit I was wearing. I wore it with dresses and over-the-knee boots, I wore it with ripped jeans and Doc Martens (as seen here), and I even wore it sometimes over pajama pants just to walk my dog, which made me feel like I could've been making an appearance in an episode of Sex and The City.

This coat is one of those pieces that makes you feel fabulous when you put it on. Not to mention, it's actually so warm that I didn't have to sacrifice my skin this winter when I still wanted to look stylish while out and about some nights. I can't even begin to list the times that the thought crossed my mind that this coat was solving every single wardrobe crisis I was having at the time. It. Has Been. Amazing.

One thing in particular that I love about this coat: it's so big. Like, it must weigh at least five pounds. When I wear it, I feel like I'm wearing a big, furry blanket, and it's so cozy. I don't think I could love it more!

Do you have a go-to "fun" piece in your closet? I would love to know! I feel like a statement piece that doubles as a go-to is essential for everyone.



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