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A Pretty Red Dress with Rent The Runway

Happy Valentine's Day! Tonight my best friends and I are planning do to our usual Thursday rounds, which means going out on campus and hanging out. Although I don't have any fancy plans, this pretty red dress is perfect to share on this day that celebrates everything red and pink! I actually wore this dress for Christmas, but I never got around to sharing the photos. I wanted to share it today before it was too late.

I rented this dress in December from Rent the Runway, using their new "update" subscription where you can rent four pieces for an entire month for just $89. This is an amazing deal, because you can try different designer pieces (which are so much more expensive on their own!) and wear them as much as you'd like throughout the month, but then send them back when you're done. For something like this red dress that I know I would probably not get another opportunity to wear, this was a great opportunity to spend little money on a dress that retails for almost $450 on it's own. Not to mention, I also snagged three other pieces without having to drop a ton of money!

Have you ever tried Rent the Runway?! This was my first experience with RTR and now I'm obsessed.

Moral of the story, try Rent the Runway...

1.  To flaunt designer styles, even on a college budget

2. For an opportunity to experiment with your style (I'd never worn a red dress before) without any risk

3. + the opportunity to wear something fabulous, without having to repeating an outfit!

4. To save water, electricity and emissions used to manufacture a new piece of clothing. Renting things you wear a few times is a sustainable solution for any shopaholic like me. 

Happy Valentine's Day! Are you doing anything fun tonight?

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