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What I've Been Up To...

hi! once again, it's been a minute since I've posted (sorry!!!). I've spent the last couple of weeks just enjoying my winter break with my family and friends and trying to fit in plenty of relaxation before heading back to school this weekend. as much as a lazy day can be nice, I truly can't wait to go back to school and get back into my routine. the last couple of weeks have flown by... from a balayage refresh and a few blog photoshoots, to a quick trip to New York, to saying goodbye to many friends heading abroad... I feel like I've definitely been busier than I thought. i want to catch you all up on what i've been up to!

jan 1 // i went out downtown with a handful of friends from high school for new year's eve. i wish i had a cute photo to share, but safe to say they all seemed a lot cuter the night of than they did the next day ;)

jan 3 // i drove my brother down to his new apartment in Chicago on the 3rd to help him do a little furniture shopping and move in. we actually had so much fun and i loved helping him decorate a little! i drove back up in the evening for a little party with my high school friends.


jan 5 // balayage!!! I had no idea how dark my hair had gotten until i looked at the before photos. omg... i'm so glad i decided to do this! i feel like my hair just looks how it should now. i don't know when it got so dark but i'm glad it's finally bright and blonde again! it doesn't even look that much different but it just feels so much better to be blonde again.

jan 6 // one of my best friends from high school and i went on a six mile walk! haha we've done this every winter break of college now where we walk from my house down to the milwaukee public market for lunch and it's always so long but such a fun way to catch up.

jan 9-13 // i left for my trip to new york! I plan to do a more detailed recap on my trip in the next couple of days.

jan 15 // yesterday i went to brunch with two of my oldest, closest friends! after, i had a little photoshoot with elizabeth for a post with FILA-- they recently sent me their new Ray shoes and i truly love them! 

so... those are just the highlights! the last couple of weeks have been lowkey, but everyday i feel like i had a handful of random, little things going on that always seemed to keep me busy! today i plan to have a productive day and maybe even start packing for school! 

what have you been up to over break?! 

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