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This Week's Top 10: Pregame Playlist

cher is me at our pregames 

Happy Friday! I am so excited to head back to school today. I haven't done an edition of This Week's Top 10 yet in 2019 because as the year went on last year they seemed to be less and less loved by you guys. So, I thought it would be more fun and interesting to change it up in 2019 and try to give each top 10 a theme. In honor of heading back to school today and going out tonight, I want to share my current 10 favorite pregame/party songs! 

Hands down the highlight of my nights at school are the pre-going out part of the night where my roommates and I are just hanging out, doing our makeup, and getting ready. Although picking out an outfit is the most stressful part of my week (wish I was kidding ;) it always works out and then we have so much fun listening to music at our apartment before heading out for the night.

I hope everyone in school has an amazing semester!!!!!

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