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This Week's Top 10

1. Happy last Friday of my sophomore year of college!!! HOW has this semester flown by so fast? I know I keep saying it, but I really am in awe that I start summer on Monday. Just three exams stand between me and the end of my first half of college. Wowwwwww...

2. That said, I'll be spending all weekend in the library, wearing this, and never ever taking it off. #obsessed

3. I don't read my horoscope often, but I randomly checked it a few days this week and it was so spot on with how I've been feeling lately. I use this website to check if you're interested in checking yours too! What's your zodiac sign? Does it suit you? I'm a Leo and it couldn't fit me more perfectly!

4. Love this bikini. Gingham, navy, and high waisted.. what more could you need? (bottoms here)

5. I'm on such a Pinterest kick right now. I can't stop!! It's such bad timing with finals... talk about procrastination.

8. As much as I wish I could stay at school forever, I am really looking forward to going home and driving again (isn't blasting music and driving in the summer just the best?!) and also taking a bath! I have been craving a good bubble bath lately, and this bath oil would make any bubble bath extra luxurious.

9. It was a torrential downpour last night while walking to dinner with friends -- my favorite rain jacket seriously saved me.

10. Best of luck to anyone else taking final exams soon! When are you done for the semester?


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