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Scrolling Back Through My Instagram

This post could not be more random, but I feel like I can't possibly be the only person that gets nostalgic while scrolling back through old Instagram posts. Especially in the summer, scrolling back reminds me of days when the only things I had planned were my daily water ballet (aka synchronized swimming) class each morning, bike rides with friends, and afternoons at the pool. It's not only the photos that remind me of great memories, but the way I edited them and the random things I posted are pretty funny. Captions were weird, and the whole point of Instagram was just to share what you are up to. UGH!!! Can Instagram please just go back to being the way it once was!!!

 This one is classic... those Bergdorf bags literally just had chocolates in them and I made my dad take this photo of me in the basement of the Plaza in New York.

#latergram HAHA this was on a trip to Chicago with my friends at the beginning of Freshman year of high school. Should have captioned it #ponytailgoals.

I totally forgot I used to keep a sketchbook freshman year of design sketches! It started as a project for my art class but I kept up with it for a while and came up with so many random designs. I used to think I wanted to be a fashion designer and my line would be unique because every. single. piece. was going to have sequins. Omg, so extra.

Wtf ever happened to those pillow cases???????

My mom let me get my hair done for sophomore fling because I think she felt bad that I was the only one of my friends who was going "stag" (aka without a date). The best part about this is that my hair actually looked horrible and I hated every single picture I was in from fling. Good times.

Omg. I took this photo with a timer app on my iPhone 4 sophomore year of high school and it is still one of my favorites. I seriously should have gotten #ponytailgoals trending.

I completely forgot about this pic!!! Beau!!! He still looks the exact same... jealous.

Aw! Got my first big camera four years ago! Too bad I never really learned how to use it and I still shoot on auto 99% of the time!! 

I would pay obsense amounts of money to have my old hair back.

Hahhaah... I specifically remember posting this because I had my friend Chloe draw a calligraphy sign saying "two-hundred" for my 200th post on Instagram. Looking back, how did I even think of this???

TBT to when my life revolved around Lilly Pulitzer, cable knit sweaters, and Sperry's.

The caption pretty much says it all-- this french toast was DANK. Or, should I say, it was #soyummy.

WHERE IS THIS??? I need to go back. I think it's Narragansett, RI. Dissappointing that I don't know.

Should I do a Part 2? Who else scrolls back through their Instagram? It's so addicting.


  1. HAHA omg I commented on like so many of these pictures lol. I was reallyyy tryna be active on Instagram which is just so not me.

  2. Love this post, Frannie! It's so fun to look back on old insta posts and see what insta used to be like haha!


  3. hahaha this is the funniest thing I've ever read and yes I do still scroll through your blog ;) tbp all the way babyyyy xo


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