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This Week's Top 10

Oh heyyy! It's been a hot minute since I shared a "This Week's Top 10" Let's get into it!

1. FRIDAY! Only two and a half weeks until I'm done with this semester and off of school for the summer! Um, how are there 3 inches of snow on the ground??

2. On the blog this week I shared part one and part two of my recaps from my spring break trip to London, as well as my bedroom tour in my apartment here at school. Which post was your favorite?

3. Topshop killed it with their new arrivals. I love this skirt, these shorts, these shorts too, and this dress. Everything is under $100!

4. I want to start journaling!! I loved this article on 31 prompts for morning journaling

5. These 10 bucket list destinations are officially added to mine, along with these 25 hotels that are almost too good to be true! 41 Hotel on that second list is in London, so I might have to go check it out and pop into their Leopard Champagne Bar...

6. I ordered this sweatshirt randomly because it is on sale and I can not take it off!! It is sooo comfy you guys. Everyone should buy it!

7. Pink, pink, pink has been on my mind lately. This cute crossbody is under $40 and looks so expensive! I also love this one because it has a tiger on it (!!!)

8. I love this top for summer

9. Here's how you probably deal with stress according to your Zodiac sign... I'm a Leo and mine is so accurate #allthetears

10. I want peaches to be in season so badly. I love peaches in the summer and randomly have been craving them so much lately! Can summer come sooner please?



  1. I love reading about zodiac sign stuff! I'm a gemini.. can't wait to read that haha. Love the links!

    Kim .. #1 Fitness Motivation Tip!

  2. I've been craving peaches too! They're my favorite fruit!

    xo, brooke


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