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Spring Break in London: Recap II

Back today with part two of my recaps from London! Friday and Saturday in London for Lauren and I were filled with more exploring, hanging out, and enjoying the pretty city. We saw some big things, did some little things, and walked around a lot. Don't worry-- we still got in our daily nap ;)

Friday we woke up at 2pm (!!!) and had slept through a brunch reservation with one of our girlfriends from high school who is studying abroad this semester. Fortunately, we rescheduled for Monday, but we definitely felt horrible (and shocked) that we slept so late. First stop (albeit, at 3pm...) was coffee at the Borough Market.

The Borough Market was so charming and only blocks away from a great view of the London Bridge. It was pretty rainy on Friday, so we decided to walk a little bit along the river to the Tate Modern Art museum.

Not only was the art at the Tate incredible, but they also have swings in the museum that are so much fun to go on. So different from your usual trip to the art museum, and such a good time.

Following the Tate, we walked towards Somerset house where we intended to see another art gallery, the Impressionism exhibit. The Somerset house was gorgeous, and I am so glad we made a point to stop and see it. We decided once we got there that we didn't really want to actually go in and check out the exhibit, but I'm still glad we checked out that area.

We ventured to Covent Garden and Soho where we walked around for the rest of the afternoon/evening and did a little shopping.

Friday night was one of my favorite nights out. We went to Ballie Ballerson, a club in Shoreditch, London that, obviously, is known for the ball pit!! The ball pit was so. much. fun. We had a blast and I would highly recommend anyone going to London to get tickets and go there if you're looking for a a club/night-out venue suggestion. The best time.

Saturday we woke up and ventured towards Green Park and Buckingham palace. We saw the palace, walked through the park, and had a relaxing morning.

A few blocks off Green Park we found ourselves back in the luxury neighborhood of Mayfair, drooling at the pretty storefronts. We actually went this way because we really wanted to back to sketch and try to snag a table in the pink room (we had only gone to the bar on Thursday night), but being a Saturday, it was completely booked.

So... improvising, we went to the ice bar. Um, it was funny I guess but definitely not worth it, haha! Just to get in the door was overpriced, and our expectations were for sure set way too high. An experience though nonetheless.

After the ice bar we hopped on the tube and went to Regents Park, which must have been one of the most beautiful places we explored during our whole trip. Regents Park is in Marylebone, which is another neighborhood we got to explore.

Saturday night we went out again, and here's me feeling extra in Lauren's oversized Gucci sunglasses ;) lol


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  1. I'm pinning all of these obsessively for when I (hopefully) study abroad! Love this and all the fun pictures!
    xo, Hannah


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