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This Week's Top 10: Frat Formal & First Spray Tan!

1. Happy Friday!!! It's crazy to think that this day next week is the last day of classes for the semester! It went by so fast, between New York in February, London for Spring Break, and having the best time in between. For once, I really feel like I'm not ready for summer and I could just stay at school forever-- it's an amazing feeling (especially if you can relate to this post I wrote).

2. This weekend I was invited to go to a frat formal down in Lake Geneva, which is the quaintest little resort town in Wisconsin, in my opinion. My best friend is also going (I'm going with her boyfriend's twin brother) and I know the four of us are going to have so much fun. I'll be wearing this dress!

3. This week on the blog I shared a post in collaboration with one of my favorite brands. Did you see it?

4. Also on the blog from this week: ten finds under $100 (need this one and this one!!) and my skincare journey and routine!

5. I love browsing the Madewell sale section, and I am obsessed with this swiss dot bralette (now only $20), as well as this pretty white top that would be the perfect piece to dress up or down this summer.

6. Did you guys see my Instagram stories and post yesterday? I got so many questions about this dress (under $30!) and my oversized jean jacket (from Ragstock, but this one is very similar!), as well as my brand spanking new kicks... I never thought I'd be able to pull of Air Force 1's, let alone, want to buy a pair, but they're so freaking comfy I want to wear them everyday!

7. Oh-- and on Wednesday I got my first spray tan! I don't think I have ever been this tan before and it's definitely a little over the top, but I'm kind of obsessed! I have a presentation today in my French class and I'm just crossing my fingers no one points it out when I'm standing in front of my class, lol.

8. I randomly got back into Tumblr this week, and I've been adding a ton of pretty images to my page. You can follow along here if you're interested, or even ask me a question here! I love answering your questions, so ask away!

9. I would give almost anything to have this girl's hair. Like, could it be more beautiful?

10. Is there anything in particular you guys want to see on the blog as we head into summer? I saw a concert on Monday night (Rainbow Kitten Surprise-- one of the best concerts I've ever been to!!) and realized that I don't talk about music as much as I would like to on my blog... I am a huge music person and rarely share my playlists or current favorite bands. Is that something you'd be into?

What are your weekend plans? I hope it's a good one!

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