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This Week's Top 10

1. I ordered these earrings this week and I can not wait to wear them.

2. Two and a half weeks until London!! I love this outfit on new-to-me London blogger, Marissa.

3. Everything about this perfect striped jumpsuit screams spring!

4. This is literally the best list of fun girl movies to watch with your BFF. The only addition I would make: Bad Moms.

7. This simple and healthy raspberry chia jam is something I could totally see myself making and keeping stock of in my fridge.

8. I love this unexpected green top for St. Patrick's day and Easter!

10. So jealous of everyone already on spring break! A ton of my friends kick off their breaks this weekend-- how about you babes?


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  1. Such an interesting article - I wish I had the guts to take cold showers lol ;)
    Xx, Meghan |


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