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Gift Guide: My List (+ Big Gift Reveal)

I've decided to lump in my own Christmas list into my mix of gift guides this year because I thought it would be fun to share some gift ideas that I personally have my eyes on! Although I would love everything on this list, that's unrealistic! I am asking for something really, really big this year anyways, so anything else would just be above and beyond. In no way at all am I actually expecting to receive all the things on this list (or any of them, really), even though I'd love to find them under the tree. Keeping reading to find out what the big gift I'm asking for is...

Twilly d'Hermes perfume // I have been wearing Marc Jacobs daisy as my everyday scent since freshman year of high school, and I would love to upgrade to this new fragrance by Hermes. I smelled it at Nordstrom over Thanksgiving break and it's amazing.

Origins face mask // I've been looking for a new face mask that will help clear up my pores and this has great reviews.

Silk pillowcase // Literally the first time we did laundry at our apartment this semester one of my pillowcases totally disappeared and we have never been able to find it. So, yes, I have four pillows on my bed and only three pillowcases on them, and it's been that way since September. I obviously don't use the pillow without a case but I would really like for all of my pillows to have pillowcases again (lol) and I have only heard of endless benefits of silk pillowcases for hair and skin.

Grey sweater // Not much to say, just love this style!

2018 planner // I have used my Kate Spade 2017 agenda to literally, it's last days. How cute is this option from Anthro for the coming year? I am crazy about how the interior of my planners is set up, but really love how this one is done.

Marc Jacobs bag // I'm really not expecting to get this at all, but I think it's so cute. I need a little black bag and I love this style with the studs.

Commes des Garcons high-tops // I love everything Commes des Garcons and these sneaks are so incredibly cute. Plus, high tops? Something new for me but would love a pair!

Pink skinny sweatpants // I love these!! I have been wanting a pair of joggers for a while but couldn't find a pair that seemed "me" enough... well, considering this pair comes in pink, I think these are a great combination of girly and a little bit extra, aka very, very perfect for me! Haha.

Wavy ring set // Simple and cute but a little different! Under $20, too.

Camera tripod // I didn't really know I wanted a tripod until I discovered this baby on Amazon for under $25 and saw it extends between 2 feet and 5 feet tall. Maybe now I'll start posting on Instagram more (ooops)!!!

Makeup brushes // If we are being honest, I don't know the last time I cleaned or replaced my makeup brushes... ugh, I know that's gross!! This set of 10 brushes is just $20 and a great variety of brush styles.

Fresh soy face cleanser // This is my all-time favorite face wash, but I ran out a few weeks ago. It's pretty expensive so I didn't want to order it myself when Christmas was just around the corner. I feel like everyone and their mother uses it, so if you're in the market for a new face was you really can't go wrong. It smells amazing too!

THE BIG GIFT: A flight to New Zealand! 

Jack is studying abroad next semester in New Zealand and I would love to get to visit him at the end of my semester in May. Flights are extremely expensive, so if I do get to go I am going to be so, so surprised and extremely grateful!!

Shop all of the other items on my list here:

What's on your Christmas list?


  1. My camera tripod is used every week and sometimes even more often. Mine has lasted me for years. I have a pair of really nice leggings on my list. Alo's leggings always look like amazing quality. A trip to New Zealand sounds like so much fun! I'd love to spend a semester abroad when I'm older.

  2. Hopefully you get that airplane ticket-because how cool would that trip be?!

    xoxo, SS

    Southern and Style

  3. I go to SNC and have been reading your blog for years and literally just put 2 and 2 together that you're Jack's girlfriend. Creepy I know hahahaha but ya know.


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