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This Week's Top 10

1. Last night a local Milwaukee wedding planner held such a fun event at the brand new Kendra Scott store in town. I went with a couple of friends, and I snagged these earrings on sale. Sips, sweets, a photo booth... it was so much fun and the store is gorgeous.

2. The store is at a completely new mall entirely, and there is also a Free People. We had too much fun trying on clothes after we had left Kendra Scott, and now I think I need this slouchy teethese linen casual pants, and these navy silk shorts (all under $100!). Oh, and afterwards, tableside guac was necessary.


^totally messing around in the outfit.

3.  When it comes to tips on how to get motivated, I usually find that most articles share basic, unhelpful suggestions that never work for me. However, these 8 tips I really like!

4. I finally finished the Mindy Kaling book yesterday... I sat down outside at my favorite coffee spot and read the last ~half of it for over an hour, literally laughing out loud at some spots as I neared the end. It was such a fun, light read, and I would definitely reccomend it! Now I am reading this.

6. Here's how to post on Instagram like a pro... Oh, and I am SO CLOSE to 10k on Instagram. Help a sista out?!

7. Thank you to everyone for your encouragement on yesterday's blog post. In case you missed it, I chatted about where I'm at with my college transfer decision.

8. ...and if you're interested, here's more on what I have been up to. (Can't believe I start my internship on Monday!) What are your thoughts on the new design of the website?

10. Have a great weekend! What are your plans? I'll be heading to the lake with Caroline tomorrow most likely, and down to Chicago on Saturday for a family friend's graduation party. Enjoy the warm summer weather!



  1. Thanks for sharing the post all about Instagram. I just started a blog Instagram. I want to learn how to use it and all. The article was really helpful. My Instagram is @goldclutter.

  2. OMG all that white! Beach house goddess!

    xoxo, Ally

  3. What a fun week! The Kendra Scott event looked like so much fun!



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