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This Week's Top 10: Life Updates (Done with Freshman Year!)

1. HELLO! I apologize for being MIA the last two days on the blog... I had exams on both Wednesday and yesterday, making extra time to blog a little hard to find.

2. In light of finals week: I only have one left on Monday morning, and then I am out of here! So crazy that the year is already over. I spent the entire day after my final yesterday packing up my room, and I really did not realize just how much stuff I have. Ugh, so overwhelming. Just a little over a year ago it was decision day, and here is what I wish I had known back then.

3. ...on the bright side, Jack is the cutest and he had flowers delivered to me to get me through finals! Love him.

4. Today my dad is coming to Lehigh to help me move out, which is seriously so nice because I have no idea what I would do if I had to tackle all of this by myself! Tonight after we finish up with the dorm situation we are going to head to New York to have dinner and spend the night in the city, because why not?!

5. If you watched my Instagram story yesterday, you know that I am in love with my new crocodile embossed lace-up flats and tassel sandals. There is a 99% chance that I am wearing one or the other today :)

6. I am also in love with my new phone case (!!!) and all of these other cute phone cases that I blogged about here.

7. Today when my dad comes we are going to get brunch at my favorite spot off campus (if you follow me on Insta/Snapchat, you might know that I am referring to Blue Sky Cafe!) But... brunch + Rhode Island = my ultimate recipe for happiness. Read about 7 spots for brunch in RI (I can vouch for #1!)

8. Okay, so brunch today, but as soon as I get out of school I need to be healthy for summer. This salad recipe looks delicious and incredibly refreshing.

9. Random obsession of the week: my friend Brooke's vlogs. You have to check her out; she is the coolest. Would you guys want to see vlogs this summer? Let me know!

10. Mother's Day is Sunday! If you need a last-minute idea, you just might find something sweet in my Mother's Day gift guide post here. I so wish I could be home to celebrate with my mom, but I will see her soon enough and celebrate then!



  1. I would love to see vlogs from you this summer!

    xo, brooke

  2. Please vlog this summer. I'd definitely watch your vlogs.

  3. I would absolutely love to see vlogs this summer!


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