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iPhone Cases for Summer

Let me start off this post with a little backstory... Up until last week I had the absolute ugliest iPhone case, and stuck to it was one of those silicon pockets for cards. Funny story about the pocket, I stole it from a frat party one night and thought it would be so funny to have it on my phone because it was a pocket that a different sorority at Lehigh had made for their new pledge class on bid day. Um, it was pretty funny for about a week, but I left it on my phone case until like last week, totaling four months of awkward conversations and weird looks. Girls in that other sorority would be like, "nice phone case" or girls in my sorority were like "omg take it off!"In all honesty, I was just kind of lazy about it, but it was such an ugly combination of a bad phone case and ~ratchet~ (there is no other way to describe it) pocket situation that I needed to do something about it before summer rolled around. 

So, I got myself the most "me" iPhone case I have ever seen. See it for yourself: here.
Is it not just so me?! When shopping around for a new case, I actually found a ton that I loved (see below) but after forcing like 10 of my friends to vote on which one I should get, it was a pretty unanimous vote for this one. I mean, it's just so cute. I especially love the clear background because I have the rose gold iPhone 7 (but it also comes in a white/opaque background)! Now all I need is to fix my cracked screen...

Oh, and if you do enjoy the convenience of a pocket on your iPhone (I definitely did), this scalloped pocket is such a cute and easy option to add to your case. 
Shop them here:

What is your current iPhone case?

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  1. I love the cacti case. Clear cases are always adorable. I don't know what makes them so irresistible.


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