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Valentine's Day Gifts For Her

Ahh, Valentine's Day! It's right around the corner, and it's one of my favorites. I have the best memories from when I was little and my elementary school would make the biggest deal out of Valentine's Day; we decorated shoeboxes to stuff with paper valentines, which were also filled with candy and even sweeter notes. My mom always dressed me in pink from head to toe on Valentine's Day, and I always got to eat as much chocolate as I wanted. Ooh, good times... take me back!

This year I'm not seeing Jack (obviously, he's almost 1,000 miles away!), which is honestly kind of sad, because last year we had such a fun Valentine's Day... we went to the cutest French Restaurant downtown Milwaukee! But, the long-distance thing has been working really well for us so far, which I am very grateful for! If you ever want to hear more details about that/how we make it work, let me know, drop a comment or email, and I'd be happy to write a post on it!

For now, a few pretty goodies to lust over for the holiday... I wouldn't mind if that pillow made a home on my dorm bed, those champagne truffles found their way into my tummy, or that S'well water bottle accompanied me to the gym. Just saying :) Oh, and how cute are those Comme des Garcons white kicks?! I'm in love.

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  1. I love the purse. The tassel is so unexpected.

  2. I would love a post on the long-distance relationship!

  3. Fran you should totally write a post on long distance relationships! I've been dating my current boyfriend all through high school and we will be going the whole long distance thing next year with college. Would love to hear your tips!! :)


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