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January Playlist

By now, you guys have probably figured out that I'm a freak about my music. I have the strangest taste in music... like, I'll listen to country, rap, and the Rolling Stones all in one playlist, or then I'll go on a run with Mumford & Sons on repeat but I'll be getting ready for bed and I'll wind down to Bad & Boujee... I'm telling ya, it's kind of all over the place.

That's one reason I'm excited to share this playlist today: It makes sense. A few of these songs are newer / more "pop" type songs, but for the most part we have some classic alternative bands that are my tried and true favorites. Cases in point: Milky Chance and Florence. Can we all just take a second to acknowledge how outstanding Florence's rendition of Stand By Me is?! Seriously, if you haven't heard it yet, drop everything and listen now (it should pop up in the embedded playlist within this post too). She did this for the movie "Final Fantasy XV," which looks a little strange in my opinion, but the song itself is stellar. Oh, and because I'm still me and couldn't make a playlist completely normal, I did throw the Stone in there #noshame #dadtaste ;)

Drop me a comment on these two thoughts:
1. What's your favorite song right now? (or favorite song on this playlist!)
2. Would you like to see more playlists throughout the year?



  1. I love Florence + the Machine. I have How Big, How Blue, How Beautiful on vinyl.

  2. Omg love this playlist! Right now I'm totally digging Fire and the flood by Vance Joy, SO GOOD. I've been thinking about sharing a few playlists with my readers too. How did you change the cover of your playlist to that graphic you made? I've been trying to forever and can't figure it out!


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