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4 Jackets I Want Right Now

Something about heading back to Pennsylvania after spending a whole month in Wisconsin where the temperatures rarely hit double digits made me think, for some reason, that Wisconsin was the only cold place in the country and I'd immediately escape winter once I was back on campus. Unfortunately, it's only January, and jackets/coats/outerwear in general are going to be necessary for a few more months still, no matter if you're on the East Coast or in the Midwest. That said, I was definitely inspired throughout rush with everyone's perfected outfits, and I found myself lusting over quite a few coats and jackets that girls had on. 

Here are four that I wish I could add to my closet right now:



  1. I love the boldness of the jackets.

  2. I love that wrap coat and the Burberry Quilted jacket has been on my radar forever, someday haha!



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